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Cookies Must Die MOD APK

Cookies Must Die MOD Apk Download 2.0.8 (Unlimited Diamonds, God Mode)


Play Cookies Must Die MOD APK to control the super-agent Jack and use 30+ unique weapons to shoot down the mutated cookies.

App Info of Cookies Must Die

App Name

Cookies Must Die


( 1 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Diamonds, God Mode

About Cookies Must Die

Cookies Must Die is a casual action-packed run & gun platformer game offered by the creators of the popular game Dragon Hills – Rebel Twins. It has won the Google Indie Games Festival 2020 award. It’s a single-player offline game so you don’t an internet connection to play it. It features swipe-to-control mechanics, 9 unique characters, 30+ weapons & gadgets, and so many types of mutated cookies & jellies that are wreaking havoc on the world. 

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Cookies Must Die MOD APK (1)
Cookies Must Die MOD APK (1)

Everything was going fine until one day when the machines at a cookie factory mutated and started creating mutated cookies with superpowers and weapons. Then they started attacking the cities, capturing the civilians, and taking control over everything. To stop them, scientists started experiments on an agent named Jack and enhanced his genes increasing his speed and stamina, and giving him superhuman strength. Now everything depends on Jack. Will he be able to defeat all mutated cookies & bosses, and destroy all cookie factories to put an end to it?


It’s a 2D platformer game. You will control the super-agent Jack and start your mission to defeat the enemies. There are so many chapters you will play. Each chapter contains multiple stages. 

Cookies Must Die MOD APK (2)
Cookies Must Die MOD APK (2)

On the stage, your character will automatically run in a direction. You need to control his movements & direction using the swipe actions. You will face mutated enemies such as cookies, jellies, cupcakes, smoothies, and many more. They will start shooting you at sight. Use your superspeed to evade their attacks and break them. 

Some enemies will have the keys to the locked doors. You will see a mark on the screen directing you toward that enemy. You need to break it and collect the key to proceed further. Reaching the end of the stage will proceed you to the next stage. Your HP won’t recover when entering the next stage. In the last stage, you will face a boss. You will have to defeat it to clear the chapter. 


The controls are very simple in the game. You just need to swipe on the screen to aim at the enemies and change the moving direction. When swiping on the screen, the time will slow down and you will see a guiding line. Your character will jump at high speed following the same guiding line when you remove your finger. 

Lots of Gadgets & Weapons

Cookies Must Die MOD APK (3)
Cookies Must Die MOD APK (3)

This game comes with 16 different gadgets to help you in battles and 16 different weapons to shoot down the cookies. Cold wave, Healing, Mega Kick, Shield, Magnet, Bomb Boy, Chemist’s Revenge, Wrecking Ball, and many other gadgets are available for you. Gadgets spawn in the stages randomly. You can pick them up to trigger them. But keep in mind that a gadget spawns only a limited number of times. You can upgrade them to increase their counts. 

There is Shooty Cocco, Boomstick, Tsunami Power, Ricochet Power Extreme, Tactical Bolt, C-Rocket, and many other weapons. You can switch between melee attacks and weapons anytime in the battle. Your agent will automatically use the weapon once you switch to it. 

9 Unique Characters

Cookies Must Die MOD APK (4)
Cookies Must Die MOD APK (4)

It includes 9 unique characters, each with different attributes and a special attack. There is Enzo with laser eyes, Saurus with multiple dragon heads, Rio with toxic eggs, Sharpie with explosive bombs, and others. You can unlock them by collecting map pieces hidden throughout the stages. Also, you can upgrade them to increase their HP and attack power. 

MOD Version of Cookies Must Die

It comes with the MOD menu which contains the God mode feature as a toggleable option.

God mode

It’s not easy to face all those mutated enemies with limited HP. The official game doesn’t even recover your HP between stages. Therefore, this MOD is giving you a God mode feature. You can activate it to make your character immortal.

Unlimited Gems

Gems are the premium in-game currencies. Gems are the only way to upgrade the agents’ attack power. But they are so hard to collect. Therefore, we are providing unlimited gems.

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Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

How do I unlock new agents?

To unlock new agents, you will have to explore stages and find all the required pieces of the map. Or buy the pieces using the gems. 


Thanks for visiting. Cookies Must Die is a fantastic platformer game with simple control yet challenging gameplay. Slowing down the time and breaking all those cookies & cupcakes is so much fun.

Download Cookies Must Die

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