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Cover Fire
Cover Fire MOD APK

Cover Fire MOD Apk Download 1.24.15 (Menu, God Mode, Money, VIP)


Cover Fire MOD APK is an action-packed shooter game featuring 15 characters, challenging campaign, tournaments, Sniper Ops, and zombie modes.

App Info of Cover Fire

App Name

Cover Fire


( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Menu, God Mode, Money, VIP

About Cover Fire

Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games is an action-packed shooter game offered by Viva Games Studios. It has more than fifty million downloads on the Play Store. Aim, Shoot, and kill the enemies with the best weapons in your hands. It features 13 chapters full of challenging missions, 25 characters with unique skills, 22 powerful weapons, skirmish mode to play with other players, and evens for amazing rewards.

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Overview of Cover Fire

Cover Fire MOD APK

In the Cover Fire game, you will play as a soldier to stop the terrorist activities of a big corporation. You will go on missions to kill all the enemies and free the civilians. Your character will automatically run forward & take cover. You need to aim at the enemies firing at you and kill them. In missions, you will play as a soldier with assault rifles at close & mid-range, as a sniper to kill enemies from long distances, and also provide support from the helicopter with rocket launchers.

There are 13 chapters, each containing 12+ missions. Each mission has 3 tasks that decide your rewards. On completing missions, you can open cards for rewards. When you complete a mission on your first try with all 3 tasks, you can open all 5 cards. When you get 2 stars, you can open only 2 cards out of 5. If you get 3 stars but on your second try, you can open only 4 cards out of 5. 


Cover Fire MOD APK

As you only have to aim and shoot, the controls are very easy. You can aim at the enemy by swiping on the left side of the screen. Shoot with the fire button present on the bottom right side of the screen. When your cover is destroyed, a button appears to take the other cover. When you play as a sniper, there is one more button on the left side of the screen to open the scope. You can also invert the camera & fire buttons. On the bottom middle of the screen, there are perks buttons to use the perks. 


Cover Fire MOD APK

There are 3 perks you can use in the missions to survive and kill the enemies with some support. The first perk is the HP potion that refills your HP bar completely. The second perk is the watch that slows the time. Everything slows down except you. It’s great for exploring the enemies’ grenades. And the third perk is the grenade. You can throw a grenade at your enemies. 


Skills are an important part of the game to enhance your & your weapons’ attributes. There are 10 skills. You can upgrade your skills. Reload speed, magazine capacity, bullet damage, the bullet piercing effect, critical damage, cover resistance, time to destroy enemy’s grenades, explosion resistance, HP bar, and the time enemies take to trigger the alert, all these attributes increase on upgrading the skills. It also increases your combat level. 

Characters & Weapons

Cover Fire MOD APK

In the game, you can play one of the roles: Assault, Sniper, Demolition & Hacker and there are weapons for each role. There are 25 characters with unique skills and 22 weapons. You can select any character and use any weapon. But you need to unlock those characters & weapons first by collecting the cards. You can find cards in the crates or complete events to get them.

MOD Version of Cover Fire

The MOD version of Cover Fire has the following features.

Unlimited Money and Gold – With the help of unlimited in-game currencies, you can unlock all weapons & items, and use any of them as you like.

MOD Menu – It also comes with a Menu that contains many features such as Damage Multiplier, God Mode, Unlimited Ammo, No Reload, etc. You can toggle any feature you want.

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Download Cover Fire

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