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Critical Ops
Critical Ops Multiplayer Fps Mod

Critical Ops MOD Apk Download 1.43.1.f2473 (MOD MENU, Speed, No Ads)


Critical Ops MOD APK is an online multiplayer FPS shooting game featuring team deathmatch, elimination, quick, ranked & custom game modes.

App Info of Critical Ops

App Name

Critical Ops


( 5 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


MOD MENU, Speed, No Ads

About Critical Ops

Critical Ops is an online multiplayer FPS shooting game offered by Critical Force Ltd. It has more than fifty million downloads on the play store. Join Coalition or The Breach and kill the enemies with awesome weapons to win the match.

Overview of Critical Ops

Critical Ops MOD APK

In the Critical Ops game, you will play as a member of Coalition or The Breach and compete against the other players in various game modes. You need to choose a weapon and kill your enemies. Complete the objectives to win the match. You can choose any game mode to play and you will spawn in one of the supported maps for that mode. You can join clans, add friends to your in-game friend list. Invite and play with your teammates and take down all the enemies. There are also daily missions you can complete to get XP and get rewards in the season. 


Critical Ops MOD APK

The controls are easy to understand in the Critical Ops. With practice, you can master the controls. Move the character with the movement pad on the bottom left corner and swipe on the right side to change the camera. There are buttons to fire, switch weapons, reload on the right side of the screen. When using a sniper, a scope button also appears. There are also more buttons like defuse, plant C4, etc. that will appear automatically on the screen when needed. You can also customize the controls, their position & size. 

Skull Hunter Duo

Critical Ops MOD APK

Critical Ops features many awesome game modes with different objectives and rules. In Skill Hunter Duo mode, a maximum of 8 players can join the match and are divided into 2 teams. Your team needs to kill a certain number of enemies to win the match or have more kills than your opponent’s team when time runs out. You can use any weapon you want. You can use a new weapon during the respawn time. The time limit is 8 minutes in this mode.

Gun Game

Critical Ops MOD APK

In the gun game mode, a maximum of 15 players can join the match and there will be no teams. To win the match in the Critical Ops APK you need to kill 25 enemies before others. Each time you kill an enemy, your gun level increases by one and you get a new weapon. It starts with handguns and then shotguns, SMG, AR, and Snipers respectively. It is the same for every player. If anyone kills you with a knife, your gun level will be decreased by 1, you will respawn with the previous weapon and your enemy’s killed score will also drop by 1.


Deathmatch mode is similar to the Skull Hunter duo. But in it, 10 players can join the match and there is no kill limit. 


Critical Ops MOD APK

In this mode of the Critical Ops Multiplayer FPS, a maximum of 10 players can join the match and are divided into 2 teams – Coalition and The Breach. Your role will depend on the team. If you are in a Coalition team, then you need to defuse the bomb. And in The Breach team, you need to plant the bomb and then detonate it. There are 10 rounds in the match. You have to win 6 rounds to win the match. You can also kill all the players on the other team to win the round. And after 5 rounds, your team changes from Coalition to The Breach and vice-versa. 

MOD Info

  • High Speed
  • Low Speed
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Money (Ban Risk)

Download Critical Ops

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