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Cyberika Apk Download 2.0.10-RC622 (Latest)


Cyberika is an MMORPG game where you will beat down cyberpunks, complete missions, and uncover the truth about the Makana Biotech.

App Info of Cyberika

App Name



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Requires Android

5.0 and up



About Cyberika

Cyberika is an MMORPG adventure game full of action offered by Brickworks Games Ltd. It has more than five million downloads on the play store. Get the augmentation, upgrade your skills, use weapons, drive sports cars, beat down cyberpunks, and go on many missions to uncover the truth about the Makana Biotech.

Overview of Cyberika



The story is set in a cyberpunk world. More than 60% of the population is wiped out by global warming & poverty. Now the corporations have all the power. You worked for them too as a mercenary five years ago. But someone shot you in the head. A corporation named Makana Biotech saved you by implanting a super-secret chip in your head. A month ago, you started having headaches & nightmares because of that chip.


The company went bankrupt and closed. All of its workers’ data was wiped out from the web and the owner, Kay, suicide. You decided to break into the company building and find something related to those who implanted that chip in your head to get it fixed. In the game, you will go to the Makana Biotech building. You will find a computer to find some information. But a projection of the owner Kay will appear in front of you and tell you that the chip also contains his image from five years back and he will never suicide. So he will give you the job to find his murderer and what happened to the company.



In the Cyberika, you will fight against street punks, kill cyber-hounds to complete the objectives. With the help of Kay, you will meet many people like Shadow & Hacker. You have to turn on the satellite of the company to find an employee who has a tracker. You can also start missions with others aside from the main storyline. And you can buy anything from the black market and with a decryption gadget, open any security locks. You can drive cars, join races, fight in clan wars, and battle royale. In Downtown, there are casinos, cafes & nightclubs you can go to.

Weapons & Augmentation


There are many types of weapons from melee to ranged in Cyberika Action Cyberpunk RPG. Use knives, bats or pistols, shotguns, or assault rifles. If you want more, then use laser swords, energy rifles, and your cyber modules. Cyber Modules grant you special abilities. There are 10 cyber modules. With them, you can jam all cyber modules of enemies, control synthetic opponents. Generate a shield etc. You can also buy a cyber-pet. Use the biochamber and unlock & upgrade your augmentation skills. There are so many skills like increase running speed, extra damage from weapons, increase hp and avoid stun, etc. 



The apartment is the place where you stay and fix your equipment. You can buy machines from the black market and set them up in your apartment. You can fix your weapons, augment yourself, store items in storage, and take a shower to regenerate your HP. It’s a safe place and your workshop too.

Download Cyberika

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