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Dancing Road

Dancing Road MOD Apk Download 2.2.0 (Unlimited Hearts, VIP)


Dancing Road MOD APK is a music rhythm-action game featuring over 40 thousand songs of 25+ genres, and many types of balls, trails & tracks.

App Info of Dancing Road

App Name

Dancing Road






Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Hearts, VIP

About Dancing Road

Dancing Road is one of the best music games where you will face many challenges to complete varieties of songs on a neon-lightning track. It has multiple difficulty levels which will test your finger & eye coordination and how long can you go. Moreover, 40,000 popular songs are at your disposal. Use any song you like to play & complete the levels. 

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Overview of Dancing Road: Color Ball Run!

Dancing Road is a music rhythm-action game offered by AMANOTES PTE LTD. It has more than a hundred million downloads and a 4.0 rating out of 5 on the Play Store. It features over 40 thousand songs covering 25+ music genres such as EDM, Rock, Pop, K-Pop, Classic, Acoustic, Indie, etc., and many types of balls, trails & tracks to choose from. Select your song and hit the beats with the matching balls on neon-abstract tracks.

Gameplay & Controls

It’s a very simple game with easy controls. The only challenge is to master the controls as it will test your eye coordination & reflexes while controlling the ball. You will select a song that will play in the level. In the level, you have to control the ball by dragging your finger on the screen. 

There will be balls of different colors, moving on the track. You will have to match balls of the same color only. If you hit any other balls, the game will be over. Matching the same-colored ball will increase your score. When you keep matching the balls without missing one, a scoring strike will activate that will give you a higher score. The higher the strike, the higher the score. 

After certain durations, you will see a line across the track. On crossing the line, your ball’s color will change and then you have to match the balls of that color. It also shows a progress bar on the left side. Reaching the end will make you a winner and you will receive coins as a reward. 

Choose & Play Over 40 Thousand Hit Songs

Select and play over 40 thousand popular songs. It has songs covering more than 25 types of genres such as acoustic, ballad, indie, blues, c-pop, k-pop, classical, EDM, house, dance, electronic, hip-hop, jazz, Latin, soul, R&B, folk, rock, etc. 

You can explore songs of any genre you like. Also, you can search songs by artist names. You will find Doja Cat, Sia, Imagine Dragons, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, BlackPink, TheFatRat, Charlie Puth, and all the other popular singers’ songs. Search your favorite song and enjoy the game.

Customize Your Ball & Tracks

You can also customize the ball, trail, and track as you like. It has 20+ balls with different designs & stripes, 18+ tracks, and 10+ different trails. You can create many unique combinations using these different types of balls, trails & tracks. 

Complete Missions & Achievements for Awesome Rewards

If you need coins to unlock new balls or tracks, you can complete the missions or achievements. This game gives you three different missions every day. Completing them will grant you coins as rewards. Also, there are hundreds of achievements with different prizes. You can see the list of achievements to know about the task & rewards. Some of them offer premium balls & trails, some offer free revive chances, some offer coins, etc. Don’t forget to complete them. 

MOD Version of Dancing Road

This version includes the following features.

Unlimited Hearts – You can play the game without any interruptions.

VIP Unlocked – All songs, premium balls, trails & balls are accessible for free. 

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Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

Can I customize the track in Dancing Road?

Yes. It has 18+ different tracks. You can unlock & equip them.

How many genres of songs does it have?

It has 25+ genres of songs available such as hip-hop, jazz, Latin, soul, R&B, folk, rock, etc. 

Final Words

Thanks for visiting. Dancing Road is a good game where you can listen to your favorite songs and play games. The levels are in the form of music and you have to guide the ball without colliding with different-colored balls to continue listening to the song. It has a huge library of songs. You can complete levels and unlock them. The controls are also very easy. Just need to hold & drag the finger on the screen. Easy, right? Get the app from here and have a good time playing this game. 

Download Dancing Road

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