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Death Moto 3
Death Moto 3 Fighting Rider Mod

Death Moto 3 MOD Apk Download 2.0.3 (God Mod, One Hit)


Death Moto 3 is a racing game where you will choose your bike, weapon & ability, and go on a journey full of dangerous enemies.

App Info of Death Moto 3

App Name

Death Moto 3


( 1 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


God Mod, One Hit

About Death Moto 3

Death Moto 3 is a racing game offered by WEDO1.COM GAME. It has more than ten million downloads on the Play Store with a rating of 4.3 out of 5. To go on a deadly journey on your bike, you don’t need an internet connection as it’s an offline game. It features 50+ challenging levels with 100+ side-levels, 10+ different weapons, 10 unique bikes, various character skins, and a road full of dangerous guys. 

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Death Moto 3 MOD APK_result
Death Moto 3 MOD APK_result

In this game, you will race to the finish line with 7 other bikers. But there are no rules against violence, the use of weapons, or killing others. No one is bound or restricted by any rule. And the objective is only one – reach the finish line first to win the race. Everything is fair here – Nitro, Guns, Melee weapons, Rocket Launchers, etc. 

There will be road blockers, cars, trucks, and other types of obstacles. If you collide with them, you will lose a great amount of HP. You can destroy the cars & trucks using the gun or rocket launcher, but melee attacks won’t work on them. Melee attacks only work on other bikers. And your nitro replenishes every time you destroy them. 

Death Moto 3 MOD APK2_result
Death Moto 3 MOD APK2_result

You will also find collectibles items such as rockets, HP packs, ammo, nitro refills, and coins on the way. Pick them to refill your ammo, and recover your HP & nitro as these are important aspects of the level and you will have to rely on them to finish the race first. 


Death Moto 3 MOD APK3_result
Death Moto 3 MOD APK3_result

The controls are very easy in this game. You can master them in a few tries. It supports the tilt controls. Just tilt your device sideways to control & turn your bike. It has four buttons at the bottom of the screen, one on the left corner for nitro and three on the right corner to attack the enemies using the melee & ranged weapons. For melee attacks, it has two buttons to attack the left and right sides.

Choose Your Bike, Melee & Ranged Weapon

Death Moto 3 MOD APK4_result
Death Moto 3 MOD APK4_result

It includes 10 unique bikes for you to ride, each with different stats like speed, HP & defense. You can also customize them and change their color to your liking. Apart from that, there are 5 guns – pistol, SMG, shotgun, AR, and 6 melee weapons such as baseball bat, sword, katana, axe, chainsaw, and shovel. Choose your favorite weapon to destroy all your enemies. You can also upgrade them to increase their damage, crit-gold, and crit attributes to make them more powerful. Upgrading the crit-gold attribute also increases the amount of gold you get on killing other riders. 

MOD Version of Death Moto 3

The MOD version of Death Moto 3 includes the following features.

Unlimited Coins & Gems

Coins are the basic in-game currencies that are used to buy new guns, bikes, skins & characters, and upgrade them to increase their stats. And gems are the premium currencies you can use to resurrect your character. You can collect them by completing tasks and clearing the levels. But that will not be enough to collect coins & gems to buy & upgrade everything. That’s why we are proving unlimited coins & gems. 

God Mode

With the increasing number of bikers & obstacles on the road with each level, it’s hard to survive till the end of the level. And sometimes it’s nearly impossible to complete a level with the current stats. In these cases, you can activate the God mode. It will make you immortal and you will not lose any HP.

One-Hit Kill

God mode will help you survive through all the damage. But it won’t help kill them quickly. And it will take multiple hits of guns & melee weapons to kill enemies with high HP which is very common at higher levels. Here, the one-hit kill feature is the best. With it, you can kill all the enemies in just a single hit. 

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Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

How many types of weapons this game has?

It has mainly two types of weapons – Melee and Ranged. And both type has 10+ different weapons. 


Death Moto 3 takes you on a rider’s journey who faces countless ruthless bikers & riders, tornados, explosions, and many other dangerous obstacles. You can choose your bike & weapon to take all of them head-on.

Download Death Moto 3

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