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Demolition Derby 2
Demolition Derby 2

Demolition Derby 2 MOD Apk Download 1.7.07 (Unlimited Coins)


Demolition Derby 2 MOD APK offers 50+ unique cars, racing tracks & arenas, and a huge map to explore and have fun.

App Info of Demolition Derby 2

App Name

Demolition Derby 2


( 1 )





Requires Android



Unlimited Coins

About Demolition Derby 2

Demolition Derby 2 is here for you to ram opponents’ cars, and destroy them in 60+ different arenas. You can choose your favorite car, customize it the way you like, and compete against others in the sprint or circuit races, or just freely roam its huge open-world map. 

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Overview of Demolition Derby 2

Demolition Derby 2 (1)
Demolition Derby 2 (1)

Demolition Derby 2 is a racing game offered by ‘Beer Money Games!’. It has more than fifty million downloads with a 4.7 rating out of 5 on the Play Store. It features 50+ unique cars, 60+ tracks & arenas, multiple game modes, and a huge map that you can explore freely. 

4 Amazing Game Modes

It has three game modes – Demolition, Racing, Multiplayer, and Free Roam. You can choose to play any mode you like. In the following sections, we have explained all these game modes in detail. Please read them.

Sprint & Circuit Racing

Demolition Derby 2 (2)
Demolition Derby 2 (2)

The first mode is the racing mode. In this mode, you can choose the sprint or a circuit race and also select the difficulty level & number of laps. The higher the difficulty & the number of laps you select, the more opponents will be in the race, and the higher the rewards you will get for winning. There are 26 different racing tracks.

Destroy Opponents in Demolition Mode

Demolition Derby 2 (3)
Demolition Derby 2 (3)

The demolition mode is the last-man-standing mode. In this mode, you will enter an arena with other opponents. To win the match, you will have to destroy all other cars and survive till the end. It has 17 different demolition arenas. You can select the number of opponents from 3 to 9. The rewards will also increase with the difficulty level.

Explore the Map in Free Play

If you don’t want to race or smash others’ cars, and just want to drive & explore the city, then you can go on a free ride. It has the test drive mode, allowing you to freely roam the map without restrictions. You can go anywhere you want. You can search for hidden coins or practice your driving skills. Moreover, if you hit any police car, they will start chasing you. You can have fun escaping from the police cars too. 

Play with Friends or Players Around the World

It also has a multiplayer mode where you can play with your friends or real players from around the world. You can host a custom match and invite your friends privately using match ID or open the race to everyone. You can also join others’ matches. Demolition mode and racing mode are also selectable. 

3 Control Schemes

There are three control schemes in this game – Tilt, Button, and Steer. In the tilt scheme, you will steer the car by tilting your device and the accelerator & brake pedals will be on the right & left sides of the screen respectively. In the button scheme, left & right buttons are given at the bottom left side of the screen to steer the car, and the accelerator & brake pedals are on the right side. And steer scheme shows a steering wheel on the left side to steer the car. You can choose any scheme you are comfortable with to control your vehicle. 

55+ Unique Cars & Customizations

Demolition Derby 2 (4)
Demolition Derby 2 (4)

It includes more than 55 unique cars divided into class 0 to class 5 and special ranks. Each rank has more amazing cars than its previous rank. You can unlock them as you make progress in the game. All cars are also customizable. You can upgrade its engine to improve its speed & weight and customize its body color, glass color, and rims. You can also put on your name & number, and stunning vinyl wrap. 

MOD Version of Demolition Derby 2

In this version, you are getting the following feature.

Unlimited Coins – It comes with unlimited coins so you can unlock all cars, upgrades, tracks, and maps.

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Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely secure for use.

How many game modes does Demolition Derby 2 have?

It has four game modes – Demolition, Racing, Multiplayer, and Test Drive.

Can I create a custom lobby?

Yes. You can host a match and invite your friends using the match ID. It’s just like a custom lobby.

Final Words

Thanks for visiting. Demolition Derby 2 is a good free-roam, open-world game with many cars, customizations & upgrades, and many racing tracks & arenas. It has demolition mode, racing mode, free roam as well as multiplayer mode to have fun with friends and compete against real players. It’s a great game to have and play. So, get it now and enjoy smashing your opponents’ cars. 

Download Demolition Derby 2

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