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Door Kickers
Door Kickers Action Squad Mod_result

Door Kickers MOD Apk Download 1.1.27 (Unlimited Money, Menu)


Door Kickers MOD APK is a strategy game where you have to plan your routes, breach doors, and kill the enemies to rescue hostages.

App Info of Door Kickers

App Name

Door Kickers


( 3 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money, Menu

About Door Kickers

Hey there, from here, you can download Door Kickers MOD APK which has unlimited stars. Door Kickers is a strategy game offered by KillHouse Games. It has more than a million downloads on the Play Store. Choose SWAT troopers, plan your routes, breach doors or use flashbangs, kill the enemies, rescue hostages, and complete the missions.

Overview of Door Kickers

Door Kickers MOD is a top-down perspective strategy game. In this game, you will control the SWAT troopers and break into the enemy territories, buildings to kill them and rescue hostages if any. There are 10 troopers in your team and are of 5 types like pointman, assaulter, breacher, stealth & shield. You can take 2 troopers on missions in the starting of the game. In a mission, there will be a building and enemies inside it.

Take cover, breach doors, use spy cameras to look inside the rooms if there’s any enemy or hostage and take down all the enemies. Your character will fire at them automatically when they are in his sight. On completing the mission, you will get EXP that are required in leveling up your squad. You also get doctrine on leveling up. You can upgrade the skill tree with the doctrine. You can get maximum 3 stars in a mission. These stars are used to buy new weapons and gears.


I’m not gonna say that the controls are easy in the Door Kickers APK MOD. They are hard. And how well you can use them is the key to victory. Tap and hold the character to change the sight angel. Tap and drag to move the characters. Tapping on any character shows more options like stun grenade, breach, reload, change weapon & delete. Delete option will delete the last action of that character. With the button on the top left corner, you can switch between the plan mode and real-time mode.

When any character is near the door, he can perform the following actions: Breach, Manual Breach, Spy Camera, Spy Camera and more options based on the character type. You can also give commands to certain characters like don’t move to the position until the area is secured or move on the signal. When a move on signal command is given to any character, a button appears on the top left side of the screen. Tap that button to give the signal. When using a flashbang, you can drag the icon to specify the location.

Game Modes

Single Missions

There are 84 missions in this mode. You can try a mission as many times as you want. There will be four types of missions: Rescue the hostages, Kill all terrorists, Arrest the target and defuse the bomb. It also has a mission generator that lets you create your own stage.


Campaign mode has 6 different stories, each containing multiple missions. If any trooper dies in a mission, then you can’t use him in that story. If all the troopers die in any mission of a story, then you have to restart the story. You can’t take an injured trooper in the next mission. It also has a hard mode named iron-man mode. In this mode, you can’t even replay or restart the mission. You will get only one chance.

MOD Features

Door Kickers MOD APK Latest Version comes with the following MOD features:

Paid Unlocked – Door Kickers is a paid game on the Play Store. But using this MOD APK, you can play it for free as it’s already unlocked. You don’t need to spend any money to play it.

Download Door Kickers

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