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Drive Ahead
Drive Ahead Fun Car Battles Mod

Drive Ahead MOD Apk Download 4.0 (Menu, Dumb Enemy, God Mode)


Play Drive Ahead MOD APK and crush your opponents using hundreds of unique cars, weapons & mind-blowing skills.

App Info of Drive Ahead

App Name

Drive Ahead


( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Menu, Dumb Enemy, God Mode

About Drive Ahead

Download Drive Ahead MOD APK and enjoy High Damage. Drive Ahead is a racing game offered by Dodreams Ltd. It has more than fifty million downloads on the Play Store. Take part in the race, but not to cross the finish line first, but to crush the opponents first with varieties of vehicles & weapons. Drive hundreds of crazy vehicles and enjoy various game modes. Try Drive Ahead and Win Battles, Earn Trophies & Climb up in the Leaderboard!

Overview of Drive Ahead

Drive Ahead is a multiplayer car fighting game. You have to select three vehicles to start any match. In the match, you will face an opponent. There will be at least three rounds. And in each round, you will battle with different vehicles in the order. You have to crush the opponent by hitting him on his head with your vehicle. When you hit on his head, his HP drops and finally, he will lose that vehicle. The player who wins the three rounds first will win the match. After three rounds, if no one wins, then only undefeated vehicles will be matched. You will get the trophies on winning the match. Earn trophies to complete the milestones on the league road and unlock new rewards like gold, vehicle cards, boxes etc.


The controls are very simple, but challenging to master. When on ground, tap on the right side of the screen to move the vehicle forward and left side of the screen to move the vehicle backwards. And when in the air, tap on the right side to spin the vehicle anticlockwise and tap on the left side to spin the vehicle clockwise. It’s to balance the vehicle so that you don’t land on the head.

Game Modes

In the Drive Ahead APK, there are multiple game modes which are as follows:


It‘s a multiplayer mode. In it, you are matched against a player whose trophies are around yours. Both of you battle in multiple rounds until any of you win three rounds. You will get the trophies on winning the match. Collect trophies to unlock amazing rewards.


Roadtrip is a single player mode in the Drive Ahead. There are many stages in this mode. You can face many opponents at the same time. You have to destroy a certain amount of vehicles to win the match.

Rift Riders

It’s an endless mode. To play this mode, you need to have rift tickets. You get 3 tickets per day. In it, you will face a boss. The boss has no HP bar but an angry meter. When you deal damage to him, his angry meter fills. When it fills completely, he becomes angry and his damage increases. You will also get a power-up at this stage. How long you can survive is the objective in this mode. You will get rewards based on the boss’ anger level.


In 2P mode, you can play with your friend on the same device. It divides the screen in half. There will be controls on both sides. Select your vehicles and compete against each other.

MOD Features

You are getting the Mod Menu in this MOD APK. The menu contains god mode, damage multiplier, dumb enemies, kill enemy, and many other cool features.

In it, all cars, skins, and stages are unlocked for free. You can use any car and play any stage you like.

Download Drive Ahead

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