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Football Manager 2023 Mobile (6)
Football Manager 2023 Mobile

Football Manager 2023 Mobile MOD Apk Download 14.4.01 (Patched, Full Game)


Play Football Manager 2023 Mobile MOD APK and create your club, train your players, create unique tactics & fomations to dominate opponents.

App Info of Football Manager 2023 Mobile

App Name

Football Manager 2023 Mobile


( 1 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Patched, Full Game

About Football Manager 2023 Mobile

Football Manager 2023 is the best football management & coaching game offered by SEGA where you can play as a manager and manage & create your own football club. If you’re interested, then come and choose your country & club, and create your best-eleven team to take on the football world. Show the world your coaching skills by coming up with unique tactics & formations to defeat opponents. 

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Football Manager 2023 Mobile (1)

With more than nine million downloads, it’s the #1 in the top-paid sports games on Android.  It’s also available on other platforms like PS5, macOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, S & X Series, iOS, MS Windows, and Apple Arcade. 

Start Your New Career & Take Your Team to the Top

If you have what it takes to manage & coach a football team, then start your career. You can choose your club from any country and start managing them. You will get 30 years to establish your managerial reputation by coaching your team, guiding them, deciding tactics & formations, and winning the matches. 

Football Manager 2023 Mobile (2)

Football Manager 2023 features fully-licensed Domestic, Continental & International competitions. The continental competition includes UEFA Champion League, Club World Championship, UEFA Super Cup, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Europa Conference League, and the international competition includes World Cup, European Football Championship, Copa America, and many other competitions. You can lead your team to these competitions to win the cup. 

Talk to Your Players & Inspire Them

Player confidence and morale also play a role in winning the match. If they are confident and the team’s morale is high, they will play better and will make fewer mistakes. It also motivates them to train harder. So, what can you do to increase their morale? You can talk to them. The game has the functionality to talk to players on various topics like training level, last match, current form, relationships, etc. 

Football Manager 2023 Mobile (3)

You can talk to them before the match and during the break time to give them instructions, and praise them for their good play, or criticize them for their bad play while instructing them. 

Give Assignments to Your Scouts to Find Hidden Gems

Scouts play an important role in finding good players. You can hire scouts and give them assignments to scout players or go to the scouting agency to look for new players. You will get all the information on the scout player. Then you can make an offer to that player to join the club. 

Player Transfer & Player Loan Negotiation

It also features player transfer and player loans. If you are interested in a player from another club, you can negotiate with that club for the player transfer or player loan. But you must be aware of your transfer budget and wage budget. Each player has predefined transfer & wage values. If the player’s value & wage is greater than the transfer budget & wage budget respectively, you can’t make a player transfer. 

Football Manager 2023 Mobile (4)

For the player loan, you can suggest terms mentioning the duration, and wage increment if you want. You can also recall the clause if the player has any. If the second party agrees to the terms, you can loan that player. It’s just like real-life negotiations. 

Show Results or Get Sacked

Football Manager 2023 Mobile (5)

It’s not your typical management game where you can play as a manager even when you don’t show any results. In this game, you will be sacked if you’re unable to take the club to new heights and win the trophy. Not only that but also the financial state will affect your career. So, to avoid being sacked, you will need to train your team well, win the matches, improve the financial state, and please the board as well as the fans. 

Dare to Accept Some Challenges? Come, Play Challenge Mode

The challenge mode has six different challenges with unique scenarios and conditions that you have to meet in your manager career, or you will fail. Some of the challenges are as follows:

The Saviour Cometh: In it, your team is not performing well in the season and has lost most of the matches. Now, it’s facing the relegation chances. You will need to train them, come up with tactics, formation & player roles, and give them instructions in matches to win the relegation battles to avoid getting demoted to the lower league. 

Injury Crisis: Most of the first-team players are injured now and can’t play in the upcoming matches. Now, you need to select players from the club, train them, increase their sync level with first-team players, and guide them to victory. Do it for the current season or get sacked. 

The Invincibles: In the current season, your team has won all the matches. Fans are very happy with their performance. The media is speculating that your team might survive the entire season with zero defeats. Your challenge is to turn that speculation into reality and survive the remaining season without losing. 

Download Football Manager 2023 Mobile

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