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Grow Empire Rome
Grow Empire Rome Mod

Grow Empire Rome MOD Apk Download 1.38.2 (Unlimited Diamonds)


Grow Empire: Rome MOD APK is a tower-defense strategy game where you have to protect your small republic from the invaders.

App Info of Grow Empire Rome

App Name

Grow Empire Rome


( 4 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Diamonds

About Grow Empire Rome

Grow Empire: Rome is a Tower Defense strategy game with the RPG elements offered by Games Station Studio. It has more than ten million downloads on the Play Store. Protect your small republic from the invaders by upgrading your defense, walls & troops and capture the empire territories and build your own strongest empire.

Overview of Grow Empire: Rome

In Grow Empire Rome game, you will play as Caesar, the leader of the Roman Republic. You will defend the Republic from the invading enemies. Enemies will attack your base in waves. You can start the wave anytime you want. To win the battle in the wave, you have to kill all the enemies. If the enemies break the walls, you will lose the wave. During the wave, you can deploy troop units, use towers, catapults, and skills.

There are two bars that refill over time. When you deploy a unit, a bar is used. To deploy more units, you have to wait to refill these bars. You will get gold & XP on killing the enemies and winning the wave. XP is required to increase your level in the Grow Empire Rome hack MOD APK. Each time you level up, you get 3 XP points. You can unlock & upgrade various skills.

Upgrade The Defense

To upgrade your defense in the Grow Empire APK, there are four things you upgrade: Walls, Archers, Towers & Catapults. Upgrading the walls increases the walls’ HP and unlocks new defenses & buildings such as towers,  catapults, banks, taverns, etc. Archers are the defensive units that attack the incoming enemies from behind the walls. Upgrading them increases their damage and the number of archers. You can set the towers & catapults in two modes. The first mode deals bonus damage to sieges & elephants and the second mode deals bonus damage to soldiers.

World Map

On the map, there are two modes in the Grow Empire Rome: Invasion and Rebellion. These maps are as follows:

Invasion Map

On the invasion map, there are many colonies. You can attack these colonies and take control of them in the Grow Empire Rome MOD APK 2022. On the attacks, you can take one unit of each troop type, mercenaries, and heroes. You can also use the offensive cards to get special perks like upgrading their damage, decrease skills CD, etc. You can combine three cards of the same type to increase their effectiveness. And you will get gold from the captured colonies over a certain period of time. You can upgrade the colonies to increase the amount of gold.

Rebellions Map

On the rebellion map, There will be many armies who will rebel against you and try to take back their colony. You can defend against them. On winning the battle, you will get diamonds. You can defend a colony on three different difficulties. And each difficulty gives you more diamonds on winning.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Diamonds

Download Grow Empire Rome

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