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GTA Vice City Mod APK

GTA: Vice City MOD Apk Download 1.12 (Full Game, Unlimited Money)


GTA: Vice City MOD APK is a free-roam open-world game where you can explore a huge map, drive vehicles, or complete various missions.

App Info of GTA: Vice City

App Name

GTA: Vice City


( 22 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Full Game, Unlimited Money

About GTA: Vice City

GTA: Vice City is an action-adventure open world game offered by Rockstar Games. GTA Vice city has more than a million downloads on the Play Store. Run, jump, drive, fight, kill, use weapons, and grenades, complete missions, roam anywhere you want in the city full of gangsters, complete missions, and become the King.

Overview of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


GTA Vice City Mod APK

The story in GTA Vice City revolves around mobster Tommy Vercetti. He serves his 15-year sentence in the prison for murder and now is back to his boss Sonny Forelli. His boss gives him a drug deal with Ken in Vice City. But they are ambushed by an unknown gang. They barely escape from there. Sonny threatens him to recover the drug & money. Now Tommy wants to know who ambushed them. He goes to Cortez who sets up the drug deal but finds nothing. Then he goes on many investigations and meets many people such as Lance, Diaz, etc. He starts working for Diaz with Lance. At some point, Lance learns the truth that it is Diaz who was behind the ambush.

GTA Vice City Mod APK

Tommy & Lance have to kill him under some circumstances and Tommy takes over his business. He starts expanding his empire in Vice City and takes the drug operations under his control. He also helps Cortez escape from the city. The news about Tommy being the leader of Vice City reaches Sonny and makes him angry. He sends some men to kill him but fails. Later he comes to Vice City to take Tommy down. When they both meet each other, Sonny tells him that he is the one who set him up in the murder, and also Lance has joined his gang. Then the shootout starts between both gangs. In this shootout, Tommy kills Lance and then Sonny. Now Tommy is the King of all criminal gangs.


GTA Vice City Mod APK

It’s a free-roaming open-world game with 3rd person perspective. You can do anything you want in the game. Complete missions or just drive cars, your wish. When you complete the main missions, you will go through the story written above and do various things from chasing to killing, robbery to dealing drugs, etc. It has lots of weapons like pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, etc. You can freely shoot anyone but the police will come after you. You can see the police level on the top right side. And you can start side-missions for fun such as firefighter, taxi driver, paramedic missions, etc. There is so much to do. 


GTA Vice City Mod APK

The controls of the Vice City are very simple and flexible. There is so much to do like shooting, driving, running, changing weapons, camera, etc. and for all these, the buttons will not be on the screen unless you need them. When on foot, you can drag your finger on the left side of the screen to move the character. There are some buttons on the right side of the screen for running & punching/shooting. When you go near a vehicle, a new button appears to drive it. When driving a vehicle, new buttons replace the “on foot” controls. This way, the screen is not covered by buttons that are of no use at that time. You can also customize these buttons and change the positions. It is compatible with USB gamepads & wireless controllers. 

MOD Version of GTA Vice City

The MOD version of GTA: Vice City comes with the following features.

  • Full Game Unlocked
  • Unlimited Money
  • All missions completed

Download GTA: Vice City

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