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Guitar Girl
Guitar Girl MOD APK

Guitar Girl MOD Apk Download 5.4.0 (MENU/Unlimited Love, Fan)


App Info of Guitar Girl

App Name

Guitar Girl


( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


MENU/Unlimited Love, Fan

About Guitar Girl

Hey there, from here, you can download Guitar Girl MOD APK which has unlimited fan/love and include no ads. Guitar Girl is a simulation game offered by NEOWIZ. It has more than a million downloads on the Play Store. Help the Guitar Girl to play amazing music on her guitar, get more likes, followers & fans and make her famous.

Overview of Guitar Girl


Guitar Girl MOD APK

In this Guitar Girl MOD game, you will help the Guitar Girl who lacks confidence and is a little shy to play guitar in front of others. Her friend, Joy, suggests she play guitar on social media. Then she starts a channel on social media. To get more likes, you will help her. You have to tap on the screen to get likes, unlock followers, music, dresses & guitars. All these things play an important role in getting more likes and fans. Upgrading the Guitar Girl will increase the likes per tap. Followers give you likes per second. You don’t have to tap to get likes from followers. Upgrade the followers to increase likes per second from them. After every 25 level upgrades, their likes will increase by 2x. Your fans increase after a certain period of time. The more followers you have, the more fans will increase.

Skills & Mates

Guitar Girl MOD APK

Guitar Girl has three skills and mates. These three skills are Shining Heart, Heartful Song & Light of Down Melody. To unlock the skills, you have to upgrade Guitar Girl to levels 100, 300 & 500 respectively. Each skill has a cooldown period. Shining Heart skill automatically taps the screen 10 times per second for a limited time. Heartful Song skill instantly gives you like’s output you will get in 3000x taps. You can upgrade it with chocolates to increase the value. Light of Down Melody skill increases all the like output for a limited time.

Music & Guitars

Guitar Girl MOD APK

There are many songs you can play on the guitar in the Guitar Girl APK MOD. Upgrading a song increases the output of the likes by 2x from all sources and the chance of getting an encore gift. It also decreases their cooldown period. Each time you upgrade a song, the upgrade cost of all songs increases too. Unlocking a follower unlocks a new song. You can also buy new guitars to increase the likes. Sometimes you get guitars as a gift from your followers.


Guitar Girl MOD APK

Likes, chocolates & candies are the main resources in the game. Likes are used to upgrade the Guitar Girl, followers, and music. Chocolates are used to upgrade the skills & mates. With the candies, you can buy guitars and items to decorate your room from the shop. Decoration items increase various attributes such as likes from followers, likes per tap, likes from big hearts, etc. You can get chocolates by completing daily missions and achievements.

MOD Features

Guitar Girl MOD APK Latest Version comes with the following features:

Unlimited Fans and Love – There are unlimited fans and love in this MOD. This also unlocks all content in the game like guitars, levels, music, etc. So, you don’t need to worry about the followers or likes as you already have unlimited fans in it. Just enjoy the game.

Download Guitar Girl

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