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Hair Challenge
Hair Challenge Mod

Hair Challenge MOD Apk Download 19.0.0 (Unlimited Diamond, No Ads)


Play Hair Challenge MOD APK and protect your hair from sharp objects & pick up as many hair weaves as you can to score higher.

App Info of Hair Challenge

App Name

Hair Challenge


( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Diamond, No Ads

About Hair Challenge

Hair Challenge is an action, runner game offered by Rollic Games. It has more than ten million downloads on the play store. Run the runway, pick hair weaves, protect your hair from sharp obstacles, and score as high as you can in this hair challenge run.

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Overview of Hair Challenge


Hair Challenge MOD APK

In the Hair Challenge game, you need to pick as many hairs weave as you can and reach the end of the runway. As you pick hair weaves on the way, your hair will keep increasing with each hair weave. The longer the hair at the end, the higher the score will be. But it’s not easy. There are blades, scissors, and many sharp obstacles. If your hair touches them, then the hair will be cut down from the point of contact. So keep an eye on those sharp obstacles and avoid touching them.


Hair Challenge MOD APK

The controllers are very simple in the game. You just need one finger to do everything in it. Tap and hold the screen to make your character run. Remove your finger to stop. Drag your finger left and right to move your left & right. When you reach the end, tap and hold to fall down your hair to know your score. When you touch sharp obstacles, these will not do any damage to you except the hair. So you will not die. But you will die if you fall down the runway. 


Hair Challenge MOD APK

If you don’t like hair color, hairstyle, or your character, you can buy new hair dye, hairstyles, and accessories in the shop. You can also change the character. There are so many choices to make. Unlock new items with diamonds, complete levels, and open chests. There are 3 categories: hot, trendy & star. You can unlock hot items with diamonds, trendy items by completing levels, and star items by watching ads. Customize your character as you like with awesome items. 

Fever Mode

Hair Challenge MOD APK

Fever mode is a powerful booster to give a boost in the starting for a limited time. When activated, it makes your hair long and destroys all nearby obstacles so you can pick hair weaves without worrying about anything that cuts them. It remains in effect for approximately 5-8 seconds. 

Keys & Diamonds

Hair Challenge MOD APK

Keys and Diamonds are the main resources in the game. Diamonds are required to unlock new items in the shop. How many diamonds you will get in a level totally depends on your score. The amount of diamonds is the same as your score. Opening the chest is another way to get diamonds. But you need 3 keys to open chests. You will get the keys at random levels. Collect 3 keys, then you can open 3 chests out of 9. The chests contain diamonds and also special items. 

MOD Version of Hair Challenge

The MOD version of Hair Challenge has the following features.

Unlimited Diamonds – You can unlock all hairstyles, costumes, and other items with ease.

No Ads – All the ads are removed.

Download Hair Challenge

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