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Heroes Strike
Heroes Strike Apk Mod

Heroes Strike MOD Apk Download 570 (Map View, See in Grass, No Ads)


Heroes Strike MOD APK is a MOBA & Battle Royale game featuring 25 unique heroes & 22 powerful skills, and multiple game modes.

App Info of Heroes Strike

App Name

Heroes Strike


( 6 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Map View, See in Grass, No Ads

About Heroes Strike

Heroes Strike – Modern Moba & Battle Royale is an action game offered by WolfFun. It has more than five million downloads on the Play Store. Choose your hero & skills, team up with your friends, enter the arena, kill the enemies and achieve the goals.

Overview of Heroes Strike


You will team up with 3 random players or you can invite your friends to form a team to start the battle. You will be matched against the players of the same league. You can choose any hero or mode you want. Each battle lasts for 3 minutes.

In the battles, only the hero’s skill will be unlocked. Kill the other players or break the boxes for XP orbs to increase your level. On leveling up, you can unlock or upgrade the skills. Kill the opponents to achieve the goals of the selected mode and win the battle. You will get trophies on winning the battle that will increase your league. You will also get rewards like new heroes, skills, coins etc.

Unique Heroes & Skills

There are 25 amazing heroes in the Heroes Strike to play with. Each hero has a unique playstyle and an ultimate skill. Play with a fighter, marksman, assassin or tank. You can also equip two more skills with them. It includes 22 powerful skills like crazy charge, super rocket, black hole, meteor slam, ghost fade etc. Create your own strategy and win the battles.

Game Modes

Heroes Strike includes 5 game modes to play and have fun. And to make these modes more fun, their map changes after a certain period of time so you play in many different locations and don’t get bored of playing the same map. The games modes are as follows:

Death Match

In this mode, two teams of 4 players spawn on both sides of the arena. The match will last for 3 minutes. Kill as many opponents as you can. When the time runs out, the team with the most kills will win the match. If any team gets 25 more kills, then they will win the match no matter how much time is left. There will be boxes on the arena that contain XP orbs. You can collect them to level up.

Solo & Duo Battle Royale

Battle Royale is the survival mode of 12 players. You can play it solo or in duo. In the arena, there will be boxes. You will find many types of boosters in these boxes like attack booster, HP booster, speed booster etc. Kill all the other players and be the last one standing in the area to win the match.


In the tower mode, on each side of the team, there will be a tower that will shoot if any enemy comes in its range. In the area, batteries will spawn at random positions one by one for a limited period of time. Collect these batteries. A robot with high HP will spawn from the side of the team who collects more batteries than the other and it will attack the opponent’s tower. The match lasts for 3 minutes. Destroy the opponent’s tower or deal more damage than their tower to win the match.

MOD Features

1. MAP View


Download Heroes Strike

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