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Home Design Makeover MOD Apk Download 5.6.9g (Unlimited Gems, Gold, Energy)


App Info of Home Design Makeover

App Name

Home Design Makeover


( 1 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Gems, Gold, Energy

About Home Design Makeover

Home Design Makeover MOD APK: Have you ever wanted to design your dream home but felt limited by budgets or options? Well, I’ve got exciting news for you! Home Design Makeover Mod APK unlocks unlimited money and items, allowing you to create lavish living spaces reflecting your unique taste.

With the modded version, you can buy any furniture or decoration you want. Transform ordinary rooms into captivating spaces showcasing your style. Change wall colors, floorings, layouts – customize to your heart’s content! Add personal touches with artwork and accessories for a homey feel.

The game also challenges your design skills with puzzles. Each level gives renovation tasks or style requirements to work within. This stretches your creativity to make functional, beautiful spaces for clients. And with unlimited cash from the mod, you don’t stress about budgets. You simply create.

I highly recommend trying Home Design Makeover Mod APK from megamodapk.com. It removes all barriers so your imagination can shine. Craft gorgeous rooms, earn rewards through makeovers, and become an expert designer without limits!

Create Your Dream Home with Total Creative Freedom

With the Home Design Makeover mod, you can fully express your design style and aesthetics. Experiment with different looks – try modern, rustic, industrial, and more! Choose personalized furniture, decor items, paint colors, and flooring to make each space uniquely yours.

Carefully arrange lighting, furniture, and accessories to bring your creative visions to life. Thoughtfully design both form and function to craft inspired living spaces that look amazing and meet your needs!

Take on Engaging Design Puzzles

The game also challenges you with fun design puzzles. Unique renovation tasks, style requirements, and client preferences stretch your creative problem-solving. How would you decorate a room with slanted walls? What about a client who wants farmhouse style on a tight budget?

By tackling varied challenges, you’ll learn how to strategize smart furnishings and layouts to meet specific demands. Analyze all factors, develop creative solutions, and implement the best idea! It takes both imagination and practical thinking.

With the mod’s unlimited money and items, you don’t have to compromise your vision. Just unleash your creativity to solve puzzles and design incredible, personalized dream homes!

Please Demanding Clients by Delivering Stunning Spaces

As a designer in the game, you must please discerning homeowners by truly understanding their needs and bringing their visions to life. Listen closely even if requests seem nitpicky! Use strategic furnishings, layouts and styling to perfectly match client tastes.

Carefully implement all desires for style and function. Then showcase the finished rooms and invite feedback. If changes are needed, stay flexible – swap out art or lighting to meet expectations. Keep clients happy and success will grow!

Enjoy Match-3 Puzzles Alongside Decorating

Home Design Makeover uniquely combines decorating with fun match-3 puzzles to build logic skills. Strategically line up pieces in rows and columns to remove matching items. Think creatively in combos and chains to solve these brain-teasers.

As you progress through over 1000 increasingly tough puzzles, you’ll earn cash for furniture purchases and experience to upgrade abilities. These resources empower you to take on more renovation challenges.

Keep sharpening your match-arranging talents through practice. Test different tactics until solving puzzles feels intuitive. Enjoy satisfying mental rewards from puzzles alongside the creative outlet of designing!

Explore Diverse Regions and Design Styles

As you progress in Home Design Makeover, you’ll renovate bedrooms, baths, kitchens and outdoor areas – each with unique regional design elements to master. Discover coastal, modern, Old World styles and more!

Study preferences of each region then make authentic decorating choices. Curate suitable decorative objects, color palettes, architectures and other details to immerse yourself in new creative dimensions.

Match-3 puzzles also adopt fun region-specific themes like tropical, medieval, steampunk and others – keeping your brain engaged with fresh challenges.

Exciting New Content Added Regularly

The developers continuously release great Home Design Makeover updates like exclusive limited-time events. Complete special projects to earn unique decor prizes. Compete in style showdowns against other players too!

With ever-expanding design catalogs, renovation challenges, and match-3 puzzle themes, gameplay stays exciting. There’s always new styles to master and new skills to build as you progress.

Design in Diverse and Dynamic Locations

As you progress, you’ll renovate stunning bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor spaces. Each area features unique regional design elements to master – from coastal to modern to Old World charm!

Study and reflect local styles in your choices of decorative pieces, color schemes and architecture. Immerse yourself in new creative dimensions with every area!

Match-3 puzzles also adopt fun location-based themes like tropical, medieval, steampunk and more to engage your brain with intriguing new challenges.

Exciting Fresh Content Added Regularly

Developers continuously release awesome Home Design Makeover updates like limited-time events for exclusive decor prizes. Complete special projects to earn them! You can also compete in design battles against other players for bragging rights.

With ever-growing item catalogs, renovation tasks, and match-3 puzzle themes, gameplay stays excitingly fresh. There’s always innovative looks to craft and new skills to learn!

Home Design Makeover MOD APK Info

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Energy


In summary, this modded game delivers unmatched creative freedom to craft gorgeous, personalized spaces reflecting your style. Customize every aesthetic detail down to the floor plan!

Enjoy the diverse gameplay fusing free-flowing decorating creativity with brain-boosting match-3 puzzles. As logic and spatial skills improve through puzzles, earn rewards to unlock more custom options.

From socializing with friends to exploring regions spanning bedrooms, baths, kitchens and more, the journey towards design mastery stays fresh. And with unlimited money removing all restrictions, your talents and ideas can fully shine in creating dream interiors!

Download Home Design Makeover

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