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Lily’s Garden

Lily’s Garden MOD Apk Download 2.80.1 (Menu, Unlimited Coins)


Play Lily's Garden MOD APK to help Lily in renovating the garden by clearing thousands of challenging match-3 puzzle levels.

App Info of Lily’s Garden

App Name

Lily’s Garden


( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Menu, Unlimited Coins

About Lily’s Garden

Lily’s Garden is a casual puzzle game offered by Tactile Games. It has more than ten million downloads on the Play Store. You will play with Lily and help her to renovate the garden by solving hundreds of levels.


Lily's Garden MOD APK

In the Lily’s Garden game, Lily’s grand-aunt passed away and left all her fortune to Lily including her garden. But the garden is in very bad condition now and you will help Lily in recovering all the gardens. To renovate a part of the garden, you will need to spend some stars. To earn the stars, you need to play puzzle levels.

In the puzzle levels, tap on the matching tiles to clear them. There must be 2 or more tiles of the same color. By clearing matching tiles, complete the objectives required to clear the level. You will also face many types of elements in the level that requires specific moves to clear from the board. There will be a limited number of moves you can use to clear the level. Unused moves will convert into gold. 

Power-ups & Combos

Lily's Garden MOD APK

There are many types of power-ups in the Lilys Garden you can create by matching a certain number of tiles. Each power-up has a unique effect and you can combine different power-ups to increase their effects. 


Rocket – Clearing 5-7 matching tiles will create a rocket. Its direction is random. It will clear all the tiles of a row or a column when you tap it.

Bomb – Clear 8-9 tiles of the same color to create a bomb. When you tap on it, it will explode and clear all the tiles in 2 tiles radius. 

Magic Flask – Magic Flask is created by matching 9 or more tiles of the same color. Tap it to clear all the tiles of their color from the board.

Lily's Garden MOD APK

Power-ups Combinations

Rocket + Rocket – Combining 2 rockets will clear a row & column’s tiles.

Rocket + Bomb – Clears 3 rows or columns’ tiles.

Bomb + 2 Rockets – Clears all the tiles of 3 rows as well as columns. 

Bomb + Bomb – Combining 2 bombs increases the explosion range and clears all the tiles in a 3-tiles radius. 

Magic Flask + Rocket/Bomb – Magic flask converts all the tiles of its color into the combined power-up and then all the power-ups trigger their powers. 

Magic Flask + Magic Flask – Combining 2 magic flasks clears all the tiles from the board and one layer of all obstacles.

Lily's Garden MOD APK


Boosters are not created by matching tiles. You can buy them with coins and use them anytime you want.

Hand Trowel – With the hand trowel, you can remove a tile from the board. 

Rake – Using a rake will clear all the tiles from a row and a column. 

MOD version of Lily’s Garden

The MOD version of Lily’s Garden has the following features.

[ Player Menu ]
  • Currency Doesn’t Decrease // Increase Instead

Unlimited Coins– Players can use unlimited coins. When you will spend coins in the game, they will increase.

Download Lily’s Garden

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