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Hunter Assassin
Hunter Assassin Mod

Hunter Assassin MOD Apk Download 1.94.0 (Unlimited Gems)


Hunter Assassin MOD APK is a casual game where you have to control your assassin and kill all the targets without being spotted.

App Info of Hunter Assassin

App Name

Hunter Assassin


( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Gems

About Hunter Assassin

Hey there, from here you can download Hunter Assassin MOD APK which has unlimited gems. Hunter Assassin is an action-adventure game offered by Ruby Game Studio. It has more than ten million downloads on the play store and on the 5th number in the top free action games. Control your assassin and kill all the targets present on the level without being spotted in this game.

Overview of Hunter Assassin

Hunter Assassin mod apk


Hunter Assassin is a very simple game. You will play as an assassin who has only a combat knife. Your objective is to eliminate all the enemies guarding the place at all levels. You can use your surroundings to hide from the enemies. All enemies have a machine gun. You can see a range of all enemies in which they can spot you. Stay out of that range or they will shoot at you.

Use the rooms and obstacles to go behind the target and then kill them with your knife. Whenever you kill a target, other targets will run there to see if there is an intruder. So be careful after killing a target. Also, you will get diamonds for killing the target.

Hunter Assassin mod apk


The controls are so easy that anyone can easily control the assassin in the Hunter Assassin. You just need one finger to play the game. Tap on the screen anywhere and your assassin will run there. You can see a line after you tap on the screen. It shows the route your assassin is gonna take to reach there. So you can stop your assassin if he takes the wrong route. Or you can tap on your assassin and then drag the finger to move the assassin. When the assassin reaches near the target, he will automatically kill him.

Hunter Assassin mod apk


In Hunter Assassin, there are 25 assassins with different skins. 10 assassins are regular assassins, 5 assassins are premium and 10 assassins are in the prize room. These assassins have different increased speeds from 10% to 50% and health from 20% to 80%. You can get regular assassins by diamonds. Collect a certain amount of diamonds and then you can unlock a random regular assassin. You can also get them as a gift. The number of diamonds to unlock an assassin will increase with every unlocked assassin. Premium types can be unlocked by watching ads, following them on TikTok, or with a premium subscription.

Hunter Assassin mod apk


Aside from the main objective, there are also tasks you can complete to get diamonds. On the home screen, 3 tasks will be available. Each task has rewards according to its difficulty. Upon completing a task, you will get the reward and a new task will appear. This way you can collect diamonds quickly to unlock new assassins.


With the keys, you have a chance to unlock the assassins who are in the prize room. On some levels, there can be a key. On collecting 3 keys, you can open 3 boxes out of 9 boxes. One of the boxes contains an assassin skin from the prize room and the rest have different amounts of diamonds. If you have luck on your side, you can get that skin.

MOD Features

In Hunter Assassin Mod, you are getting the following MOD features:

This MOD comes with Unlimited Gems. With unlimited gems, you can unlock all weapons and characters with ease.

Download Hunter Assassin

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