youtubevanced Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD APK v58 (Menu, One-Hit Kill) Download
Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD APK v58 (Menu, One-Hit Kill) Download

Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD APK v58 (Menu, One-Hit Kill) Download

Android Android Strategy
5 ( 275 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Idle Monster TD Evolved
Publisher Swell Games LLC
Genre Strategy
Size 80 MB
Version 58
Update November 30, 2022
MOD Menu, One-Hit Kill
Get it On Google Play
Idle Monster TD Evolved is the most famous version in the Idle Monster TD Evolved series of publisher Swell Games LLC
Mod Version 58

Download Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD APK which has a one-hit kill, damage multiplier, max attack range, and some more features. And the best thing is that you can toggle these features whenever you want via its MOD Menu. In this MOD, you get to enjoy all its content with no restrictions.

If you want to achieve all the achievements, progress to higher levels with ease, and protect the monsters from humans, then Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD is the best choice for you. With its features, you can dominate all the maps with your monsters and their overwhelming power. Clearing levels will be like a hot knife through butter.

Overview of Idle Monster TD Evolved

Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD APK_result
Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD APK_result

Idle Monster TD Evolved offered by Swell Games LLC combines strategy, tower defense, and RPG elements with endless idle gameplay. It features more than  120 different monsters & pets with a unique skill set, thousands of upgrades & evolutions, and techs & artifacts to protect the monsters’ homes from greedy humans. Also, it’s still in the developing phase and available as an Early Access version. So, you can expect many more features in the future. 


The world is full of humans and monsters. But they don’t live in harmony. Monsters are cute, calm & peace-loving, and don’t like violence. But humans, on the other hand, are greedy and don’t care about monsters. They just want to hunt them and take over their lands. They start invading their lands with their mighty forces, wizards, warriors, mobs, etc. Thus, begins the fight of the monsters with the humans for their survival. 

120+ Unique Monsters & Pets

Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD APK2_result
Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD APK2_result

It includes 120+ unique monsters & pets with unique skills. They are divided into four classes depending on their skills – Damage, Support, Debuff, and Special. Damage Dealers deal great damage to enemies. Support-type monsters have skills that increase various stats of other monsters like attack power, critical chance, attack speed, etc. Debuff-type monsters have skills such as poison, stun, weaken, confusion, etc. And lastly, Special-types monsters have different skills to provide you more XP, gold, energy, game speed, etc. 

Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD APK4_result
Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD APK4_result

You can upgrade them to increase their attack power and after every 50 levels, their DPS increases by 50%. On earning enough XP by a monster, you can evolve them which greatly increases all its attribute stats. Moreover, you can unlock their 5 unique pets by evolving them to 5, 10, 15, 20, & 25 Evo levels. Each pet has its own unique set of skills. 

12 Powerful Spells

Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD APK3_result
Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD APK3_result

There are 12 different spells in this game categorized into three classes – Combat, Buff, and Resource. Combat spells affect all the humans entering the base by dealing damage, applying debuffs, removing certain HP%, etc. Buff spells boost certain stat attributes of your tower such as attacking speed, critical chance, damage, etc. And resource spells give a temporary boost to your gold, energy & EXP earning, and also boost the game speed. You can select a maximum of 4 spells in a single layout. But changing the layout takes only a second. So, you can use all of the 12 spells in a single wave easily. 

Download Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD APK Latest Version

In Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD APK, there are many amazing MOD features, and we are going to explain all of them in the following subsections. So, please read the following to know about the mod features in detail. 

One-Hit Kill

Special enemies, bosses, tanks, and necromancers are the tankiest enemies with very high HP in this game, and it takes a lot of time & attacks to kill them. If you try to focus attack on them, then smaller enemies will escape successfully. Or if you attack smaller enemies first, then you won’t get enough time & distance to kill the bosses. Either way, you will lose if you don’t have enough level to destroy them.

In that regard, the one-hit kill feature is the best that allows your monsters to kill humans in just one attack no matter the level. It saves a lot of time as there will be no need to collect gold and level up monsters.

Max Attack Range

Attack range is not an issue for damage-type and debuff-type monsters, but it matters a lot for support & special-type monsters. Because their skills provide various stats boosts to the monsters inside their attacking range. That’s why we have added this feature in this MOD.

DMG Multiplier

The damage multiplier lets you increase the damage of the monsters from 1x to 100x times. You can enter any value in its field via the MOD menu. It’s a good alternative feature to the one-hit kill. 

Always Critical Hit

Whenever a monster’s attack triggers the critical hit, it deals a huge amount of damage than the normal attack. But the rate of triggering critical hits is very low in the official game. However, in this MOD, your every attack will always trigger a critical hit and deal a huge amount of damage. 

Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

What MOD features are included in the Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD APK?

It includes the one-hit kill, damage multiplier, max attack ranger, and always critical hits features. 

How many maps are there in this game?

There are 6 maps and each map has some unique perks.

How to Install Game/App MOD APK?

  • Download Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD APK and open the APK file.
  • Give permission to install from unknown sources.
  • Install, play, and share with friends.


Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD APK is an amazing game that features a diversities of monsters & spells in a well-combined game of RPG & Tower Defense with Idle gameplay. The number of strategies you can come up with is countless to stop the humans from ruining the monsters’ world. 

It provides the one-hit kill, damage multiplier, attack range at max, and always critical hit features. So, you won’t have to worry about the levels, collecting coins, or other resources. You can easily win everything. So, download the MOD now and enjoy. 

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