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Kingdom Guard
Kingdom Guard MOD APK

Kingdom Guard MOD Apk Download 1.0.392 (One Hit, Weak Waves)


Build & upgrade your towers in Kingdom Guard MOD APK and protect the last dragon egg from the invading monsters.

App Info of Kingdom Guard

App Name

Kingdom Guard


( 3 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


One Hit, Weak Waves

About Kingdom Guard

Kingdom Guard is a strategy tower defense game offered by tap4fun. It has more than five million downloads on the Play Store with a 4.7 rating out of 5. It features merge-to-upgrade mechanics, 4 different units, 65+ heroes, alliances, and a world map where you can explore mines, dungeons, and loot other players, and build your kingdom. Merge your units and summon legendary heroes and use their powerful skills to crush your enemies now.

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In this game, you will have to protect the dragon egg from the invaders. There will be a fixed path from the entrance to the dragon egg and 6 towers along the path. Monsters will enter the stage from the entrance and follow the path to the egg. You will train units using the gold and place them on the towers to stop the monsters from reaching the egg. 

Kingdom Guard MOD APK (1)
Kingdom Guard MOD APK (1)

For killing each monster, you will earn gold. Use that gold to train more units. Then you can merge two units of the same type & level to upgrade them to the next level. Killing all the monsters will clear the stage and the next stage will start automatically. After every 5 stages, you will face a monster boss. Killing him will reward you with a huge amount of gold. Upon clearing a certain number of stages, new in-game content will unlock such as castle upgrades, alliances, world map, blacksmith, etc. 

Upgrade Your Units

There are four types of units in this game – Archer, Flame Mage, Ice Wizard, and Goblin. These units have a counter cycle which is as follows: Archer➡Goblin➡Ice Wizard➡Flame Mage➡Archer. Units of a type will deal 30% more damage to the next type of unit. You can use this cycle to have an advantage over your enemy’s units. 

Kingdom Guard MOD APK (3)
Kingdom Guard MOD APK (2)

To make your units more powerful, you can upgrade them. Also, there are two ways of upgrading. The first way is to keep merging them to increase their levels. The second way is to upgrade them in the barracks using the EXP books. It will increase their damage output. Upon upgrading them to 100 times, they can be upgraded to tier 2 units. 

65+ Heroes with Unique Skills

Six towers and 4 types of units are not enough to protect the egg from the monsters at higher stages. So, we have unique heroes for you. This game has more than 65 heroes, each with 4 different abilities. You can use up to 3 heroes to defend your base from enemies. 

Kingdom Guard MOD APK (4)
Kingdom Guard MOD APK (3)

Also, you can upgrade them, promote them, and level up their skills to increase their strength. Leveling up the heroes will require EXP. You can consume other hero cards for EXP. Consuming enough hero cards and EXP, your hero’s level will be upgraded. And for the promotion, you will need a certain number of hero cards of the same type. It will increase the hero’s star level which enhances the attributes a lot. 

Join Alliance & Play with Friends

Kingdom Guard MOD APK (2)
Kingdom Guard MOD APK (4)

Want to play with friends or chat with them? Want to participate in team events? Then create or join an alliance. In the alliance, you can play with your friends, chat with them, and also help them by donating items. There are so many benefits to joining an alliance. You can go on rallies, join other teammates’ rallies, and occupy dragon nests that give lots of attributes boosts to all the members. 

On the world map, you will see so many titans, other players’ bases, mines, dragon nests, and many other buildings. You can start a rally on any base to win lots of rewards such as gold, stones, EXP books, etc. Also, when a teammate initiates a rally and wins it, you will get the rewards too. You can donate gold to increase the alliance technology level and unlock new boosts. You will also earn silver that is used to buy special items from the alliance shop. 

MOD Version of Kingdom Guard

In the MOD version of Kingdom Guard, you are getting the following features.

  • One Hit Kill
  • Low Wave Monsters Numbers

Info: Don’t Use it Until Stage 6
Toggle ON Features Will be effective at next monster spawn wave.
Stage verifcation error > Upgrades barracks, hero and everything related to your power to avoid the error.

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Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

How many game modes are available in this game?

It has PvE stages, Alliance Wars, Challenges, World Map, Bounty Hall, Chronicle, and many other game modes. 


Thanks for visiting. Kingdom Guard is a great game with its merge & upgrade and tower defense gameplay. It provides lots of amazing features that keep the game fun to play all the time. You can join alliances and participate in many events with your friends.

Download Kingdom Guard

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