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Lords Mobile
Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile MOD Apk Download 2.124 (Auto Battle/VIP Unlocked)


Lords Mobile MOD APK is a strategy game where you can train your troops, unlock new heroes, and defeat your enemies to rebuild your kingdom.

App Info of Lords Mobile

App Name

Lords Mobile


( 4 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Auto Battle/VIP Unlocked

About Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars is a strategy game offered by IGG.COM. It has more than a hundred million downloads on the play store. Train your troops, unlock new heroes, unlock talents, defeat your enemies and rebuild your kingdom.

Overview of Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile MOD APK

Once a black dragon attacked the kingdom and wreaked havoc everywhere. A true emperor stood against it and defeated it. He reunited the kingdom and bring peace. But after his death, many warriors came, but no one was worthy of becoming the emperor. Once again, the kingdom divided into pieces and controlled by dark forces. So, Are you worthy of becoming the next true Emperor and reunite the kingdom?  


Lords Mobile MOD APK

In this game, your main goal is to defeat the dark forces and rebuild the kingdom. You need to clear skirmish stages to take back the lands and build more buildings. Upgrade your castle, its walls, build barracks to train troops, infirmary to heal the injured troops, farms, mines, mills & query to get resources. To build or upgrade any building, it will require resources like food, wood, ores & stone. You have to increase the size of your army, troops levels, and heroes levels to fight against stronger enemies. Select the number and types of troops to use in the battle. You can scout any base before attacking it and know about its weakness. Use the right troops to take advantage of their weakness. 


Lords Mobile MOD APK

There are 21 heroes. Each hero has 4 battle skills and 4 hero skills. Battle skills take effect in the battles in skirmish stages or where the troops are used. They grant special buffs to specified troops during the battle. Like Wesley increases the HP of all infantry troops by 2.5%. Their hero skills are used in the hero stages to deal massive damage. Increase the hero’s rank to unlock new skills. To increase the rank, fill all the trophy slots of the hero. Your heroes get XP for each battle that increases their skill levels. 

Game Modes

Lords Mobile MOD APK

There are so many modes you can play like skirmish stages, hero stages, guild wars, battle royals. Darknest invasions etc. The main two modes are skirmish stages and hero stages. On playing these modes, you unlock more lands where you can build more buildings and heroes to use in battles. 

Skirmish Stages

Skirmish stages are the lands taken by the evil forces. You need to fight against them with your army to defeat them and take the land back. Once you complete the stage, you can place a new building on it which is an important part of the game. 

Hero Stages

In hero stages, you will fight in many stages against the enemies. After some stages, you will face a hero. On clearing the stage, you will get that hero and can use it in the battles. Each stage contains 3 rounds and in the third round, a boss comes. During attacking the enemies, your hero’s MP bar fills. When completely filled, you can use the hero’s skill. Complete the chapters to get great rewards including a hero. 

MOD Features

  1. Auto Battle PVE
  2. Unlock Vip 15 Features
  3. Army ATK +10%
  4. Army DEF +10%
  5. Army MAX HP +10%
  6. Travel Speed +10%
  7. Player Exp Boost +50%
  8. Food Production +25%
  9. Stone Production +25%
  10. Timber Production +25%
  11. Ore Production +25%
  12. Gold Production +25%
  13. Game Speed

Download Lords Mobile

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