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Max Payne Mobile
Max Payne Mobile Mod

Max Payne Mobile MOD Apk Download 1.7 (Cheats Menu)


Play as Max in Max Payne Mobile MOD APK to uncover the truth about Alex and his family’s murder to clear his name.

App Info of Max Payne Mobile

App Name

Max Payne Mobile


( 5 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Cheats Menu

About Max Payne Mobile

Hey there, from here, you can download Max Payne Mobile MOD APK which has a cheats menu. Max Payne is an action, adventure, and shooter game offered by Rockstar Games. It has millions of downloads on the play store and on the 8th number in the top paid action games. Now you can play and experience the dark journey of Max Payne on your android devices. 

Overview of Max Payne Mobile


Max Payne mod apk

The story is about Max Payne. He was an NYPD cop. He had his wife and one newborn daughter. One day, when he went home, he found both of them dead, killed by some mobs who were connected with the Valkyr drug case. Then Max joined the DEA and went on an undercover mission to catch the mob boss connected to Valkyr drugs. But after 2 months, Alex Balder was killed and Max was framed for his murder. Your journey as Max Payne starts from here to uncover the truth about Alex and his family’s murder and clear his name.


Max Payne mod apk

In the Max Payne MOD APK, you will play as Max Payne. You will go on undercover missions to track the trafficking of Valkyr drugs. There will be times when you have to shoot down your enemies. In the starting, you will face some mobs in your home who killed your wife and daughter. Use your gun, activate the bullet time and shoot them down. Then you will face the enemies who are trying to steal gold near a subway station. You have to stop them all. There are 3 parts, each containing many chapters of Max Payne’s life and missions. You have to complete them all. Use guns to shoot down the enemies, bandages, and painkillers to heal your health.

Bullet Time

Max Payne mod apk

Bullet Time is the signature move of Max Payne in the Max Payne Mobile MOD. You can slow the time when using Bullet Time and easily aim & kill the enemies. You can also use it to dodge the enemies’ bullets. When you use the Bullet Time without moving, the time slows down. Then you can walk in any direction and aim easily. Bullet Time remains activated until you tap the button again or the time runs out. But if you use bullet time while running, your character will jump in the same direction and time also slows down. It’s perfect for dodging the bullets but difficult to aim.


Max Payne mod apk

The controls are simple and easy. Swipe on the left side to move the character and swipe on the right side to change the camera. There are three buttons on the right side: Shoot, Jump, and Bullet Time. You can roll sideways or backward using the jump button while moving in that direction. When you go near anything that can be opened or used, you will see a “!” option. Using this button, your character will interact with that. You can change the sensitivity in the settings. It also supports wireless game controllers and a USB gamepad.


There are many types of weapons in the Max Payne Mobile APK MOD like a handgun, desert eagle, shotgun, sawed-off shotgun, etc. Your character automatically picks up the weapons and switches to the best weapon. You can change the gun manually too. You can see an icon on the top middle screen. Tap that icon and the list of weapons will appear. Then you can choose any weapon you like. As you proceed to higher levels, you can get SMG and machine guns too.

MOD Features

We are providing you the Max Payne MOD APK Unlimited Health and Ammo in this article. With unlimited health, you will not die no matter how much damage you receive. Also, it comes with the cheat menu in which you can toggle these features.

Download Max Payne Mobile

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