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Modern Strike Online
Modern Strike Online Pvp Fps Mod

Modern Strike Online MOD Apk Download 1.61.4 (Unlimited Ammo)


Modern Strike Online MOD APK is a tactical shooter game featuring 20+ characters, 14 different maps, 7 game modes, and lots of skins.

App Info of Modern Strike Online

App Name

Modern Strike Online


( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Ammo

About Modern Strike Online

Modern Strike Online: PvP FPS in an action-packed multiplayer shooter game offered by Azur Interactive Games Limited. It has more than fifty million downloads on the Play Store. Get ready with your weapon & equipment to face the opponents in multiplayer battles.

Overview of Modern Strike Online


Modern Strike Online MOD is a first-person perspective shooter game. You will play in a team of four players including you against another team. Both teams will spawn on a map. The match lasts for 7 minutes. They have to achieve the goals in that given time to win the match. The goal will depend on your selected game mode. You can customize your weapon set on the home screen. A weapon set contains 2 guns, one knife, a helmet, gloves, shoes, throwables, and consumables. Players can create two weapon sets. And switch those sets in the match while respawning. You can also upgrade your weapons to increase their attributes and equip them with scopes, magazines, muzzles, etc.

Game Modes

There are many game modes in the Modern Strike MOD APK. Each game mode has a different objective to win the match.

Team Deathmatch

In a team deathmatch, the match lasts for seven minutes and there will be two teams. Players will respawn on their side after death. Team with the most kills when time runs out will win the match. Or if any team gets 50 kills before the time runs out, then that team will win the match.


In a deathmatch, there will be no teams. Every player will play to get the victory for himself alone. The player with the most wins will be the winner of the match.


Hardcore matches are just like team deathmatch. The only difference is that the damage of all weapons will deal 2x damage. The team which gets 50 kills first will win the match.

Search & Defuse

In these matches, both teams have different roles. First team will plant the bombs. Second team’s job is to find the bomb and defuse it.

Point Capture

In the point capture mode, multiple points will appear on the map at random locations. You have to capture it and defend it from the opponent team. At this point, your team’s team will increase. Your team will win the match when the points reach 100%.

Custom Games

In this mode, you can create a room and invite your friends. You can select any mode and map. Players will not earn gold or EXP in these matches as there are only friendly matches for fun with your friends. Challenge your friends & fight against them.

MOD Feature

Unlimited ammo: You can shoot as many bullets as you want, you will never run out of them.

How To Install?

We have provided two files for Modern Strike Online MOD. The version is 1.61.4 and it has APK + OBB data (which is in ZIP). To play the game, you should download both files. Once, you have downloaded APK and OBB. Install the APK and open the game and then close it. There will be a folder in the Android > OBB. There you will need to find the folder of Modern Strike Online OBB and then move the OBB Zip there. The game will open and you can enjoy.

Download Modern Strike Online

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