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Need For Speed Most Wanted Mod

Need for speed Most Wanted MOD Apk Download 1.3.128 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)


Need for Speed Most Wanted MOD APK is the best racing game by ELECTRONIC ARTS featuring realistic graphics, 50+ hyper cars & 100+ tracks.

App Info of Need for speed Most Wanted

App Name

Need for speed Most Wanted


( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money, Unlocked

About Need for speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted is one of the popular racing games offered by ELECTRONIC ARTS. More than millions of users have downloaded it from the play store. Its graphics are awesome and drifts & scenery-moving effects with high speed are just amazing. There is no better racing game than this one. So it’s the best choice if you are looking for a racing game.

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Overview of Need For Speed Most Wanted



In Need For Speed Most Wanted, you race against other racers to become the best racer. You will start from the bottom of the blacklist. Race with other racers, complete challenges, and then compete with other top blacklist racers out there. Completing achievements give you speed points. You can see the achievements in the Driver Details section. On earning a certain SP, you will go up on the blacklist. Win every race and increase your SP to become the number 1 blacklist racer. In races, police will also chase you and try to capture you. You can use nitro to get ahead of them. Takedown any racer or police car refills your nitro completely. 

nfs most wanted mod apk


The controls are so easy in the game. You can use tilt functionality to steer your car or use virtual on-screen controllers to control your car. It also supports Moga Controller. You can connect the joystick to your device and use that to play the game. In Tilt to Steer control, tap and hold the left side of your screen to use brakes and reverse your car. Swipe up on the right side to use the nitro. Tap and hold on the right side of the screen to drift the car.

nfs most wanted mod apk


In the garage, you can manage your cars. Select a class to see all the cars of a specific class like SUV, Muscle, Sports, GT, etc. It has 54 amazing cars from everyday cars like FORD Focus RS500, and Audi A1 to exotic cars like Pagani, Bugatti, McLaren, etc. You can change the colors of the cars in the garage. In the starting, there are only a few cars unlocked. You can unlock cars by defeating racers and earning a certain SP. 

nfs most wanted mod apk


NFS MW features 5 types of races: Street Race, Checkpoint, Hot Ride, Speed Run, and Most Wanted Race. In the street race, you race against 5 other racers and finish 3rd, 2nd, and 1st to win. In the checkpoint races, you have to reach the given checkpoints in a limited time. And, in Hot Ride, you have to reach the finish line in a limited time with the given car. On each collision, you will get a time penalty. Maintain a certain speed and finish the race without dropping your speed below that certain speed to win in Speed Run. And the last is Most Wanted races in which you race against one of the top blacklist racers one-on-one.

nfs most wanted mod apk


NFS MW provides 8 mods you can equip to enhance and power up your car. You can use up to 2 mods with your car. Reinflating Tyres mod protects your car against the spike strips and Power Pack increases your top speed. There are 6 more mods that enhance body hardening, type grip, nitro, etc. 


Money and Speed Points (SP) are the main resources. Money is used to buy cars, equip mods and change cars’ colors. Speed Points are everything in this game. To rise on the blacklist and unlock new cars, SP is required. You can earn SP by completing the achievements. The Driver Details section shows the full list of the achievements. 

MOD Version of Need for Speed Most Wanted

The MOD version of NFS Most Wanted has the following features.

Unlimited Money – You can buy all the cars easily.

Unlimited SP – SP is required to rise up the blacklist and unlock new cars in the garage. With unlimited SP, you will be #1 on the blacklist.

All Cars & Tracks Unlocked – All cars and tracks are unlocked. You can use any car to race on any track.

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Download Need for speed Most Wanted

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