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Ninja Turtles: Legends
Ninja Turtles Legends Mod

Ninja Turtles: Legends MOD Apk Download 1.23.3 (Unlimited Money)


Ninja Turtles: Legends MOD APK is a turn-based RPG game where you can recruit the mutants to create your ultimate team to defeat Kraang.

App Info of Ninja Turtles: Legends

App Name

Ninja Turtles: Legends


( 3 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money

About Ninja Turtles: Legends

Hey there, from here, you can download Ninja Turtles Legends MOD APK which has unlimited pizzas, money, and bucks. Ninja Turtles: Legends is a role-playing game full of action offered by Jam City, Inc. It has more than ten million downloads on the Play Store. Recruit the mutants, create your ultimate team to defeat Kraang, and compete against other players.

Ninja Turtle Legends Features

  • 9 Amazing Chapters in Story Mode
  • 80+ Powerful Mutants
  • Compete Against Other Players in Tournaments
  • Easy To Install & Download
  • Root Free App

Overview of Ninja Turtle: Legends


ninja turtles legends mod apk

The story in TMNT Legends MOD APK starts when Ninja Turtles, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello & Michelangelo, went to stop some criminals. While fighting, one of the criminals opened a portal to Dimension X. Kraang pulled all Leo’s brothers into the portal. Now Leo must create his ultimate team to fight all the criminals, bosses, defeat Kraang to bring his brothers back, and save the world.


ninja turtles legends mod apk

Ninja Turtle Legends MOD APK is a turn-based 5v5 game. You have to create your team of 5 mutants. In the battles, your team will be on the left side and enemies on the right side. You can see a hexagon with an HP bar on every character. Hexagon is filled with a color and a number. The color and number show the mutant class and level respectively. The mutant whose hexagonal ring fills completely will be ready to attack. You can see the attack moves on the bottom right side of the screen. Select the target and then tap the move to use it. Each battle has multiple waves. Clear each wave to complete the level. You will get rewards like mutant DNA, items, mutagen, etc.

Game Modes

ninja turtles legends mod apk

There are many game modes you can play and face different challenges in the Ninja Turtles Legends MOD


It’s the story mode of the game where you will complete many chapters and stages to defeat Kraang and free your brothers. It has two difficulties: Easy and Hard. Both have separate rewards. On completing a chapter, you will get a mutant card pack. Hard mode is a good way to get DNAs.


In the tournaments, you will compete against other players. Defeat the other player’s team to win trophies and join a league. Earn more trophies to increase your rank and place in a higher league. You will get some rewards every day. And when the tournament ends after a week, you will get awesome rewards depending on your league and rank.

ninja turtles legends mod apk

Recruit 80+ Mutants

TMNT Legends MOD has over 80 mutant characters, each with unique skills. Recruit Leonardo, Shredder, Kraang, Bebop, Dr. Rockwell to your team. There are no villains when they are in your team. You can upgrade your mutants & their skills to increase the stats. To upgrade your skills, you need various items. The number of skills a mutant has is equal to the star level of your character. Evolve the mutant to increase the star level and unlock new skills. Mutants are divided into 5 classes: Might, Tech, Spirit, Swift & Cunning. 

ninja turtles legends mod apk


It’s the cycle to show the advantage of one class over another. Mutants of a class will deal more damage on the mutants of the next class but deal less damage on the previous class mutant and deal the normal damage on the remaining class mutants.

MOD Features

Ninja Turtles Legends MOD APK Latest Version has the following MOD features:

You are getting Ninja Turtles Legends unlimited money in this MOD. Not only money but bucks & pizzas are also unlimited. You can easily unlock and upgrade all the characters to the max level easily.

Installation Guide

Follow these simple & easily understandable steps:

  • Download the APK from here.
  • Open the Apk file from the file manager.
  • Enable unknown source installation.
  • Tap on the install button.
  • Share it with your friends.

Note: If you find any issue with the download or installation, then feel free and comment below. Thank you.

Download Ninja Turtles: Legends

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