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Out There - Omega Edition (6)
Out There - Omega Edition

Out There: Omega Edition MOD Apk Download 3.2 (Full Game, Unlimited Resources)


Out There: Omega Edition MOD APK is a strategy survival game set in a faraway galaxy featuring new solar systems, alien races & technologies.

App Info of Out There: Omega Edition

App Name

Out There: Omega Edition






Requires Android

5.0 and up


Full Game, Unlimited Resources

About Out There: Omega Edition

Out There: Omega Edition is a tactical strategy game with a mix of survival genres offered by Mi-Clos Studio. You will find yourself out there, somewhere outside your solar system who knows how many solar systems far, drifting across space. To survive in unknown solar systems & planets with limited resources & fuel, you will need to decide your next moves strategically. 

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It features an exciting storyline with four different endings, 20 alien technologies to learn that will help you in exploring unknown ends of the galaxy, 10 unique spaceships with other specs, 15 types of materials to craft spaceship parts & techs, and multiple alien races to discover & learn their languages. 

Start Your Journey Out There: Somewhere in the Galaxy

Out There - Omega Edition (1)

Your journey started when you set off to one of Jupiter’s moons in your spaceship. As the trip was too long, you were placed in the cryonics device for the cryo-stasis stage. But when you awoke from the cryonics, you found yourself far away from your solar system. Now, with the hope of returning to Earth, you start your journey. But that won’t be easy. You have limited fuel, oxygen, and other materials. So, you must think before deciding anything and use the remaining resources efficiently. 

Explore New Solar Systems & Planets

Throughout your journey in the galaxy, you will have to pass through many types of solar systems having red dwarfs, yellow dwarfs, white dwarfs, supernovas, blue giants, neutron stars, and other types of stars at their center. Each solar system has unique kinds of planets that you can land on to collect various types of resources like iron, silicon, titanium, tungsten, hafnium, hydrogen, helium, etc. 

Out There - Omega Edition (2)

Before landing on any planet, you can see its characteristics, how risky it is to land, and the fuel consumption. If landing on any planet is risky, then it will damage the spaceship’s hull. Some planets are rich in metallic ores while others are rich in fuel. There are also planets with aliens and breathable environments. You can land on these planets to refill oxygen. 

Your journey will not be peaceful while traveling between stars. You may encounter unexpected turns of events that may be beneficial or may put your life in danger. You will be given some choices at many of these events and can choose what do to next. 

Discover New Alien Races & Learn Alien Language

On each breathable planet, you can encounter a new alien race and interact with them. But, can you understand their language from the get-go? Nope. As you discover new alien races, interact with them, explore new planets, and find new architects & writings, you will learn new words. Then you can understand some parts of what aliens say to you. 

Out There - Omega Edition (3)

With the advancement in your journey & learning all words, you can hold conversations with them. Not only do they hold conversations, but also they will accompany you in your journey, ask for help, and give you resources.

Learn Alien Technologies

If you want to successfully explore space, then must learn alien technologies that far exceed the technologies available on Earth. For instance, Space Folder technology. It allows you to travel from one star to another in no time by folding the space-time continuum. Tau Stasis upgrades your Space Folder power and increases the range of interstellar travel, making it possible to travel to stars much farther.

Out There - Omega Edition (4)

There are many other alien techs such as geo scanners, gravitational lenses, interferometers, solar sails, shield generators, void fluctuation projects, etc. The most usable techs are drills and hydrogen probes to extract resources. 

Drill Materials & Probe Gases

Traveling to another star, landing on the planet, taking off from the planet, extracting resources, and probing gases consume fuel & oxygen. The spaceship hull is also affected on every landing. Crafting new techs also requires resources such as iron, silicon, platinum, hafnium, tungsten, etc. 

Out There - Omega Edition (5)

To collect these types of resources, you will need to drill resources from the rocky planets that are rich in metallic ore and gas planets that are rich in fuel. Oxygen can be refilled by landing on breathable planets. While extracting the ore & fuel, you can set the drilling & probing depth. The higher the depth, the riskier it will be, and the more resources you will get. At risky depths, the drills & hydrogen probe can be damaged. Then you will need to repair them to reuse them. 

MOD Feature of Out There: Omega Edition

  • Unlimited Resources: Select the resource in the Spaceship inventory, choose the split option, and then change the value via the “+” or “” button to get 1000 units of that resource.

Download Out There: Omega Edition

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