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PAC-MAN MOD Apk Download 11.2.1 (God Mode)


App Info of PAC-MAN

App Name



( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


God Mode


Hey there, from here, you can download PAC-MAN MOD APK which has unlimited lives. PAC-MAN is an arcade game offered by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. It has more than a hundred million downloads on the Play Store. Play the original arcade game PAC-MAN in android with more modes & mazes.

Overview of PAC-MAN


It’s the android version of the arcade game PAC-MAN. If you play the game PAC-MAN, then you know what it’s about. There is a maze full of pellets and some ghosts. You have to eat all the pellets and avoid the ghosts. If a ghost touches you, you will lose your life. You get multiple lives based on the difficulty level. In the maze, there will be some big pellets. When you eat a big pellet, it turns all the ghosts blue for a short duration. During this duration, you can eat them too. Fruits will spawn from time to time. Eating fruits and blue ghosts give you bonus points. Eat all the pellets to clear the stage.


It comes with two control schemes. You can easily learn them but mastering them is the real challenge. You can use swipe controls or a virtual joystick. When using swipe controls, swipe in the direction you want the PAC-MAN to move. On the bottom, it also shows the direction the PAC-MAN will move. In the virtual joystick scheme, it shows a joystick on the bottom. Tap on the joystick’s side to change the PAC-MAN direction.

100+ Mazes

It includes more than a hundred types of mazes. But not all mazes are unlocked. You can complete a maze to earn tokens and unlock new mazes. Each maze has multiple stages. To pass the maze, you have to complete all stages of that maze. If you lose all lives, then you have to start the maze from stage 1. There are three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium & Hard.


You can also play tournaments in this game. New tournament events start from time to time. Take part in any tournament and complete the stages. You will get points based on your performance and will be placed on the leaderboard. When the tournament ends, you will get awesome rewards based on your ranking.

Classic PAC-MAN

Want to play the same arcade PAC-MAN? It also includes it. In the classic mode, it has 256 stages. In it, whenever you complete a stage, a checkpoint is also created. So you can restart playing from that stage when you lose all lives. It has three difficulty modes: Easy, Medium & Original. In the easy mode, you will get 5 lives and a little high movement speed. In the medium mode, movement speed is reduced. And in the original mode, all rules are the same as of the arcade version of PAC-MAN.

Download PAC-MAN

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