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Periodic Table 2024 PRO Apk Download 3.2.8 (Full Patched)


Periodic Table 2024 PRO MOD APK contains all the information of every element from the atomic number to the thermodynamics properties.

App Info of Periodic Table 2024 PRO

App Name

Periodic Table 2024 PRO


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Requires Android

5.0 and up


Full Patched

About Periodic Table 2024 PRO

Periodic Table 2024 Pro – Chemistry is an education application offered by www.chernykh.tech. It has more than five million downloads on the Play Store. Get all the information about any element from the atomic number to the thermodynamics properties, get the long period table, electronic configuration, chemistry-related dictionary, and many more features using this app.

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Overview of Periodic Table 2024

Period Table 2024 Pro – Chemistry is an Android application that provides a periodic table of elements, solubility table of salts, electronic configuration explanation and so many topics related to chemistry. In this app, students will get all the details on every element. It includes a dictionary that contains a huge collection of chemistry terms. Isotopes, molar volume, reactivity, atomic properties, nuclear properties, thermodynamics properties, it contains all this information for every element. In the overview of an element, it also provides the Wikipedia link at the top corner to directly open it. 

Periodic Table Forms

It has two period table forms: a short table (8 groups) and a long period table approved by the IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry). It provides 10 categories to sort the table and only see the selected category’s elements. You can sort the table by Alkaline earth metals, Alkali metals, Transition metals, Post-transition metals, Metalloids, Non-Metals, Halogens, Noble gases, lanthanides, Actinides, and all elements. You can also choose to show the element name, atomic mass, valency, or year discovered below the element symbol in the table.

Information About An Element

When you tap on any element in the periodic table, Periodic Table 2024 Pro shows all its details. Here is the list of details it shows:

Overview: Latin Name, English Name, Year Discovered, CAS Number, Discovered by, Number of Electrons, Proteins & Neutrons.

Properties: Atomic Number, Atomic Weight (Relative Atomic Mass), Density, Melting Point, Boiling Point, Phase, Valency, Block and Emission Spectrum.

Atomic Properties: Electron Configuration, Oxidation States, Ion Charge, Ionisation Potential of an atom, Atomic Radius, Covalent Radius, Van der Waals Radius.

Reactivity: Electronegativity, Valence, Electron Affinity

Electromagnetic Properties: Electronic Conductivity, Electrical Type, Magnetic Type, Volume Magnetic Susceptibility, Molar Magnetic Susceptibility, Resistivity, Superconducting Point. 

Grid Parameters: Crystal Structure, Grid Parameters, Attitude Debye Temperature. 

Electronic Configuration

It includes the electronic configuration explanation and the rules for determining the electronic configuration of an element. It also has the diagram of the electron shells with the arrow guidelines to easily understand it. With its help, you can write the electronic configuration of any element with ease. 

Solubility Table

It has the solubility table of the salts. If you wanna know about the solubility of the various salts in the water, you can check this table. Every row represents a different cation and every column represents a different anion in the table. To know about any salt, see its anion and cation intersected cell to check the solubility if it’s soluble, slightly soluble, insoluble, or decomposed by the water. It includes 322 salts’ solubility details. 

MOD Version of Periodic Table 2024 Pro

In the MOD version of Periodic Table 2024 Pro, you are getting the following feature:

Paid Unlocked – The app is fully unlocked for free.

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Download Periodic Table 2024 PRO

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