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Raiden Fighter (6)
Raiden Fighter

Raiden Fighter: Alien Shooter MOD Apk Download 2.212 (One-Hit, God Mode, Energy)


Raiden Fighter MOD APK is a shoot'em up arcade game where you will play as a guardian and fight against the invading alien ships.

App Info of Raiden Fighter: Alien Shooter

App Name

Raiden Fighter: Alien Shooter


( 1 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


One-Hit, God Mode, Energy

About Raiden Fighter: Alien Shooter

Raiden Fighter MOD APK is a fantastic action-packed arcade game featuring Bulletstorm shoot-them-up gameplay with one-finger controls. Take command of 3 space battleships and lead them to shoot down all the invading alien ships. Play as a guardian of the galaxy in this game offered by GameLord 3D, and don’t allow even a single alien ship to pass through. Experience the ultimate evasion and extreme shooting in the space battlefield as you go through hundreds of levels facing various types of aliens.

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Use 10 Unique Ships & Wingmans with Unique Attack Type & Perks

Raiden Fighter (1)

It includes 10 unique spaceships such as Fire Dragon, Silver Wolf, Thunder Lord, Phantom, Holy Blade, Sonic Tracer, Blazing Plume, Dash Armor, and Azure Dragon, each with extraordinary attack types and skills. Azure Dragon ship is an SSS-class ship that fires flame beams, that not only penetrate the enemies but also paralyze them. Blazing Plume’s bullets catapult to other enemies to deal damage to more enemies. 

You can take up to 3 ships in a mission, but can only use one ship at a time. You can switch them in between the fighting, which also activates the ship’s maximum firepower for a short duration. Also, you can upgrade the ships to increase their attack and HP. Evolving them greatly enhances their power and improves their skills. 

Raiden Fighter (2)

You can deploy one wingman to fight alongside your ships in the Raiden Fighter MOD APK. It also increases your attack rate, defense & dodge rate. There are 7 wingmen you can choose from. Each one grants you a unique perk. For instance, the Pulse wingman can sacrifice itself to recover 50% HP of the main ship. The Radiance wingman increases the damage to the boss. You can evolve them to increase the perk effects and damage.

Equip Various Types of Equipment to Increase Your FirePower and other Stats

You can equip various types of equipment & gear such as weapons, sights, armor, barriers, engines, chips, energy cores, and boosters to increase your ship’s attribute stats. There are also five types of suits – Plunder, Crit, Attack, Dodge, and Defense. Weapon, sight, armor, and barrier can belong to Plunder, Attack & Dodge suits while chip, energy core, booster & engine to the crit & defense suits. Depending on their suit type, they enhance unique attributes of your ship like attack speed, dodge rate, critical strike damage, etc. 

Raiden Fighter (3)

Equipping a certain number of parts from the same suit provides you with special buffs. For instance, 2 and 4 equipment from Plunder suit increases your damage to mobs by 10% and coin drops by 20% respectively. Crit suit increases the attack speed by 40% after every critical strike. Other suit types also provide such impressive buffs. 

Multiple Game Modes

It has multiple game modes such as maze mode, coin mode, boss fight, multiverse, arena mode, dimension adventure, endless mode, etc. featuring different gameplay rules, challenges, and rewards. You can complete the chapters in the storyline to unlock these modes. Some of the game modes are as follows:

Raiden Fighter (4)

Explore 23 Chapters featuring Unique Powerful Bosses

It’s the main storyline of the Raiden Fighter MOD APK featuring 23 unique planets, each one having 10 missions in different locations. You will face new types of alien ships as you proceed to higher stages and their attack pattern, speed & type will be more intense. There will be multiple waves in each stage and at the end, you will face a boss. The final boss will be at the final stage of the planet.

You can get up to 3 stars on a stage – one for completing the stage, second for defeating the mentioned number of enemies, and third for completing the stage under a given time. Collecting a certain number of stars increases your star power level which increases your damage permanently. 

Earn Rich Rewards in Multiple Casual Modes

Raiden Fighter 5()

Casual mode has three types of modes – coin mode, maze mode, and dodge mode. You can play each mode two times a day. Losing will not deduct the playtime. In coin mode, defeating the enemies will give you coins. So, defeating as many enemies as you can under 60 seconds. In the maze mode, there will be a maze with no enemies around. You only need to pass through the maze to go to the endpoint. On completing, you will earn EXP which is used to upgrade wingmans. 

Boss Fight featuring Epic Challenges & Rewards

Once you defeat a boss in a chapter, you can challenge it in the Boss Fight mode to earn spaceship pieces & gems. Each boss features unique spaceship pieces. You can challenge a boss two times a day. Defeating the boss will unlock its higher difficulty like hard & lunatic with more rewards. Also, only the perk & buff effects from the equipment and wingman can take effect in this mode. 

Defeat As Many Alien Ships as You can in Endless Mode

Want to test your power & limits? Enter the endless mode. In it, you will face countless waves of enemies, each one stronger than before. And every tenth wave will spawn a boss. Show your skills and clear as many waves as you can. Depending on your performance, you will get the rewards too. 

MOD Features of Raiden Fighter: Alien Shooter

MOD Info:

  • Damage Multiplier
  • God Mode

Download Raiden Fighter: Alien Shooter

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