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WindWings Premium
WindWings MOD APK

WindWings Premium MOD Apk Download 1.0.55 (Unlimited Money)


App Info of WindWings Premium

App Name

WindWings Premium


( 3 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money

About WindWings Premium

WindWings: Space Shooter, Galaxy Attack is an arcade game offered by GCenter. It has more than a million downloads on the Play Store. Choose your spaceships, drones & talents and shoot down all the monsters, aliens & ships that come in your way and save the Earth. 

WindWings Premium Features


WindWings MOD APK

WindWings: Space Shooter is a shoot’em up game in the galaxy where aliens are heading towards the Earth to take over it. You will play as a soldier to stop them with your spaceships. It includes 200 levels. In a level, you can take up to 2 spaceships and 2 drones. You can only use one spaceship at a time, switch them anytime and as many times as you want in the level. Both drones will be by your side and provide you with support. They shoot bullets & lasers automatically. Enemies will keep coming from the upper side. Control the spaceship, avoid getting hit by enemies’ attacks, and destroy all of them. 

At the starting level, your spaceship will be at power level 1. Destroyed enemies drop the power-ups, HP and coins. There are two types of power-ups: Level power-up and energy power-up. Level power-up increases the level of your spaceship that increases its attack power. Energy power-up gives a boost to all your stats and increases the power fire temporarily. 

In a level, you can get maximum 3 stars that depend on the number of enemies you destroy. You will get coins and xp points on completing the level. After each 10 levels, you will face a boss. And to unlock the next levels after the boss level, you need to have a certain number of stars. 


The controls are very easy. Tap & hold the screen and drag the thumb to move the spaceship. Tap anywhere to change the spaceship. Touch with two fingers to use the talent of the spaceship. On the left side of the screen, it shows the skills buttons. Tap on them to use the skills. 

20+ Spaceships

WindWings MOD APK

There are 21 spaceships and 10 drones. Each of them has a unique shooting style and skills. You can create lots of combinations to use in the levels. Spaceships have HP, Special cannon, Normal Cannon, Magnet & Laser weapon. You can upgrade all these stats to increase your fire power and chance of survival. Upgrading these stats apply to all spaceships. There are many talents like rockets, stun, invisible, bomb, super lazer etc. You can use these talents a certain number of times. Skills are not limited in numbers. But have a cooldown period to use them again. 


WindWings MOD APK

There are also challenges. If you want to earn coins and face the challenge, you can play them. There are many types of challenges like rescue, protect, explosion, dark etc. In the rescue challenge, you have to rescue the hostage spaceship. In the protect challenge, you have to destroy the enemies and protect another spaceship from getting destroyed. You can increase the rewards by enabling restrictions like no revival, limited drone skills, laser of death etc.

Download WindWings Premium

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