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Real Steel Boxing Champions
Real Steel Boxing Champions Apk Mod_result

Real Steel Boxing Champions MOD Apk Download 55.55.115 (Unlimited Money)


Real Steel Boxing Champions MOD APK is an action-packed combat game where you can build your robot and fight against robots in 1v1 matches.

App Info of Real Steel Boxing Champions

App Name

Real Steel Boxing Champions


( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money

About Real Steel Boxing Champions

Download Real Steel Boxing Champions MOD APK and get unlimited money. Real Steel Boxing Champions is an action-packed 1v1 combat game offered by “Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited”. It has more than ten million downloads on the Play Store. Build your robot, fight against robots in 1v1 matches, win the fights and become the boxing champion.

Overview of Real Steel Boxing Champions

In the Real Steel Boxing Champions MOD, you will fight against robots in one-on-one boxing matches. Use jabs, uppercuts, kicks, and many other moves to take down the opponent. To use various moves, use combinations of D-pad buttons with punch & kick buttons. You can block the opponent’s attacks and special attacks using the block button. When you deal or receive damage, your SP gauge fills. When it fills completely, you can use your special move. Tap the screen continuously to increase the damage of your special move. You will get silver on winning the match.


There are so many robot parts in the Real Steel Boxing Champions hack you can use to build your unique robot. You can also buy and equip attack moves that you like. You have full control over your robots. Upgrade head, torso, left & right arm & legs to increase the robot’s power. In the starting, a robot can use only one special move. Upgrade the robots a certain number of times to unlock 2 more special moves. Upgrading their parts to the max level also grants a synergy bonus.

Game Modes

In the Real Steel Champions MOD APK, there are many game modes to play which are as follows:


In Real Steel Boxing Champions MOD APK Latest Version, career is the PvE mode. It has three fight modes: Free Sparring, Tournament & Time Attack. In the free sparring match, you can select the difficulty level and fight against a bot. In the tournament, you will fight to become the boxing champion. There are 5 regions and each region has 5 opponents. You have to defeat them all to become the champion. In the time attack, you have to defeat the opponent in the given time or you will lose. You will get silver in the time attack matches.


In the challenge mode, there are many challenges you can complete to earn awesome rewards. Challenges are divided into four categories: Byor, Elemental, Legends & Inferno. In the Byor, you will get custom robot parts as a reward. You will get custom elemental parts, legends parts in legend challenges, and elemental parts in the inferno challenges as rewards. Each challenge has conditions that you must fulfill to enter it. Also, there will be fight modifiers. E.g., low SP regeneration, high enemy damage, etc. Win all the fights in a challenge to get the grand reward.

PVP Mode

It’s a multiplayer mode. You will compete against the real players. You will get points on winning the fights and will be placed on the leaderboard. Earn more points to increase your rank and rise up on the leaderboard. You will get rewards for reaching a new rank. When the season ends, you will get season rewards based on your ranking.

MOD Features

Real Steel Boxing Champions MOD APK 2022 comes with the following features:

Unlimited Money – This MOD has the Real Steel Boxing Champions MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gold. With that, you can buy amazing robots and upgrade them to the max level in a few seconds. Then you can easily win the battles.

Download Real Steel Boxing Champions

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