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With Remini Mod APK, Enhance your old, blurry photos, turn them into stunning oil paintings, and sketches, animate your pics and much more!

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About Remini

Remini – Photo Enhancer is a photography application offered by Bending Spoons. It has more than fifty million downloads on the Play Store. Enhance your old, blurry photos, turn them into stunning oil paintings, and sketches, animate your pics, and do many more amazing edits to your pics with Remini. Creating avatars, generating photos with model-like style & composition, enhancing colors, and enlarging image resolution & size are also its features.

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Overview of Remini – Photo Enhancer

Remini - Photo Enhancer

Remini Photo Enhancer is an Android application that provides many excellent AI tools for users to recover their old, stretched & blurry photos into clear ones. We all have pics of our old days when the cameras were not good enough. The pics we took with them are blurry and unclear and the colors are also not great.

With Remini, you can enhance those pics, make them clearer, enhance their colors, etc. There are also many other amazing features like video enhancement, oil painting, portrait enhancer, face animator, sketch, de scratch, colorizing, etc. You can upgrade your pics to high definition in a few seconds. 

Easy-to-Use Interface

It has a very easy-to-use interface. It has three tabs: Remini, History & Me. Remini is the home screen where it shows all the feature options. When you choose any tool, it displays its description too. The description also helps you to better understand what the tool is for. In the history tab, you can manage all your enhanced pics. The Me tab has options for managing the profile. Using this app is not a hard task. There are only three steps. The first is to choose the tool, the second is to select a pic and the third step is to tap start. Then it will automatically edit your pic. Easy, right?

Enhance Your Retro Photos

Remini - Photo Enhancer

We have many photos of our childhood. But most of them will be blurred. Photos of grandparents will be B&W. There may be scratches on the photographs. All these problems can be solved in the Remini MOD APK. It has AI technology tools that automatically detect the pixels and enhance their attributes, details & textures. It reduces the noise, and irregular pixels, If there are scratches on the photos, use the de scratch tool. Also, it automatically detects scratches and fixes them. B&W photos can be colorized with it too. It also has video enhancement to improve the quality of videos.

Convert Pics into Paintings & Sketches

Besides enhancing the photos, Remini comes with other tools to convert your pics into other styles. It has Paint, Face Animator, Sketch, Oil Painting, Manga style, and Drawing tools. With the paint and oil-painting tool, you can convert your pics into painting & oil-painting styles. With the manga & sketch tool, pics will be converted into manga-style sketches and pencil sketches. Transform your pics into art and share them with your friends.

Generate Your AI Photos

Remini - Photo Enhancer

Don’t have the background, style, or charisma to make your pics great? No worries. You can use Remini to generate your photos with the same style and composition as any model you like. You just only need to select your images from your gallery and the model image from Remini’s huge library. Then Remini will do all the magic and provide you with stunning model-like photos that will surprise even you. You don’t have to worry about the background and style anymore. 

Create AI Avatar in a Few Easy Steps

Looking for new avatars to use on social media apps and games as profile pic? Your search is over. You can create your avatars using your pics via Remini’s AI Avatar tool. It will create endless avatars with different looks, themes, aesthetics, environment, fantasy style, artistic style, and much more. Choose your unique that suits your taste and demands. 

It’s not limited to humans only. It can create pet avatars as well. So, if you have a dog or cat, use their pics to create their unique avatars. You and your followers will love it. 

Boost the Colors in Your Fav Pics

The colors in the old images look so light and low in intensity that make it like a monochromatic colored image. To make them bright, vivid, and all colors visible, you can use the color fixer & enhancer. It automatically adjusts the various attributes of colors like brightness, saturation, HUE, tone, shade, shadow, tint, vibrance, etc. 

Besides the automatic adjustments, it also shows a wide range of adjustment presets, each presenting a different feel & vibe. You can choose any preset you like and also adjust its intensity. It’s possible to adjust the color attributes manually too. You can choose to boost the colors manually or via the AI enhancer.

Dull Background? Enhance it with Remini


How many images have you rejected till now because of the blurry background? We like to take pics with a good background. But, most of the time, it ends up with a focus on the person only, and the background being focused out, loses its details. Remini can solve it with its background enhancer. Its AI-powered tool enhances the background details, making it sharper than before. 

Not only can you apply it to the background, but also you can enhance the landscape images, objects, and even clothes. 

Enlarge Your Images Size & Resolution

Another issue with old pics is the resolution and size. Viewing them on large screen devices looks unclear, grainy, and pixelated. Its image enhancer can increase the resolution and size of the images up to 2x. So, you can make your old loving pics clearer and relive the moments.

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MOD Version of Remini

The Remini MOD APK comes with the following feature:

Pro Unlocked – The pro subscription is unlocked.

Download Remini

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