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Shadow Fight 3
Shadow Fight 3 Rpg Fighting Game Mod

Shadow Fight 3 MOD Apk Download 1.36.0 (One Hit/Dumb Enemy)


Play Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK, join the Shadow clan, and fight against the mighty warriors of Dynasty and Heralds clan to destroy dark energy.

App Info of Shadow Fight 3

App Name

Shadow Fight 3


( 16 )




Role Playing

Requires Android

5.0 and up


One Hit/Dumb Enemy

About Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is an RPG fighting game full of action offered by NEKKI. It has more than a hundred million downloads on the Play Store. Equip weapons & armor infused with shadow energy and get ready to fight the warriors of the Dynasty and Heralds clan. 

Overview of Shadow Fight 3

Many years ago, three warriors of three different clans, Legion, Dynasty & Heralds fought together for the Shadow Sphere, a source of dark energy. Each of them has its own interests. The Legion clan wants to destroy it, the Dynasty clan wants to use its power for their greedy interest and the Heralds clan wants to know its secret. When they fought together, the shadow unleashed and infused their equipment. Now they can use the shadow abilities with the weapons & gears. You will join the Shadow Squad to put an end to this dark shadow energy in the game.


In this game, you will fight with your opponents in 1v1 battles. You will use various attack combos using D-pad and job & kick buttons. There will be multiple rounds in a battle. First, one to win twice in these rounds will win the battle. In the boss battles, you have to win three times. You can equip gears with shadow energy to use shadow abilities in battles. Deal damage to the enemy to refill your shadow bar. When it’s full, you can use shadow energy. You will get XP and rewards for winning the battles. Earn XP to increase your level and equip high-level gears. 

Game Mode

It has multiple in-game modes which are as follows:

Story Mode

In the story mode, you will join the Legion’s Shadow Squad whose only purpose is to destroy the source of Shadow Energy – The Shadow Sphere. You will fight against the Dynasty and Heralds’ forces and go through an amazing story. Play story mode and find out how it will end for you and the Shadow Sphere. 


Missions are random levels available on the map. These are not related to the story or your multiplayer ranking. Each mission has its different fight rules. For instance, fight with control inverted, you can’t use shadow abilities, there will be an HP recovery zone, etc. You will get cards as rewards for completing the mission. 

Duel Mode

Duel mode is the multiplayer 1v1 battle between you and other real players. You can play 10 duels per day. Win the fights and earn trophies to raise your rank on the leaderboard. At the end of the season, you will get rewards based on your ranking. 


In the quests, there are many tasks available for you. Complete these tasks to claim keys. On collecting a certain number of keys, you can open chests for amazing rewards. You can complete the quests in any mode.

MOD Version of Shadow Fight 3

The MOD version of Shadow Fight 3 has the following features.


Note: You need to use the apk provided here and install both of them . Then follow the video tutorial to make it work. Dont use any game apk except from the link below. Install External mod menu apk first then install inside the game apk. then open the game to see mod menu. If you didnt see mod menu in the first loading. just restart the app and reopen the game. Click the + sign then choose the apk that you download to install.

Download Shadow Fight 3

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