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Jobmania Eternal Dungeon
Jobmania   Eternal Dungeon

Jobmania Eternal Dungeon MOD Apk Download 2.19.4 (MOD Menu, High Defense)


Jobmania Eternal Dungeon MOD APK is a rouge-lite dungeon-crawler game with deck-building & tactical strategic gameplay.

App Info of Jobmania Eternal Dungeon

App Name

Jobmania Eternal Dungeon


( 1 )




Role Playing

Requires Android



MOD Menu, High Defense

About Jobmania Eternal Dungeon

Jobmania Eternal Dungeon is a unique game with rogue-lite, deck-building, gacha, and dungeon-crawling elements, all in one game. Explore the dungeon full of monsters & demons, and use your powerful skills, jobs’ abilities & hero’s skills strategically to survive & go deeper as much as you can. 

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Overview of Jobmania Eternal Dungeon

Jobmania Eternal Dungeon
Jobmania Eternal Dungeon

Jobmania Eternal Dungeon is a role-playing, turn-based tactical strategy game offered by Aubjective Technology. It’s an offline game and can be played without an internet connection. It features 50+ dungeon chapters to explore, 400+ heroes, 200+ craftable jobs & thousands of unique abilities to face the enemies, and many types of enemies with unique traits & attack styles that will give you a real challenge. 


It’s a little complex game with a mix of lots of gaming elements. When you start your adventure of exploring the dungeons, you can select your hero, abilities, and up to 3 jobs. In the dungeon, you will go through floor by floor to the deeper parts of the dungeon. On each floor, you will face a monster or demon. 

The battle will take place in turns. You will get 3 AP and four random abilities from your ability deck. You can use your abilities to attack the enemy. Using the ability will consume your AP. Also, you can discard your abilities to recover your AP. But remember, you can discard the same ability only once per turn. 

Jobmania   Eternal Dungeon (1)
Jobmania Eternal Dungeon (1)

Your jobs also have a special ability. For instance, the Healer job can heal you and recover your HP. You can switch between your equipped jobs to use its ability. Switching jobs for the first time is free. But after that, it will consume AP. Strategically use or discard the abilities to deal maximum damage & get the buff to have an advantage.

Once you use up all your AP, you can end your end, and then the enemy will attack you. In the next turn, your AP will be replenished and 4 more ability cards from your deck will be drawn. If there are not enough cards, then used or discarded cards will be drawn again. 

You will win the round and clear the floor on defeating the enemy. After that, you can choose the next enemy to face. After a certain number of floors, you will get the option to retreat or go further. If you die in the dungeon, you will lose everything that you have collected so far. So, it’s on you whether to go back or risk it all & go deeper. 

400+ Heroes with Unique Skills

Jobmania   Eternal Dungeon (2)
Jobmania Eternal Dungeon (2)

This game has more than 400 unique heroes with multiple different skills. There is Thunder Titan Dynamo, Legendary Knight King Archial, Raziel, Great Summoner Dante, Fire Titan Ignis, Sky Dragon Bahamut, and many more mythical heroes. You can choose any hero to explore the dungeons. They also add bonus buffs to your abilities & combos. 

You can upgrade them to unlock new abilities, bonus stats & perks to add their abilities to your deck, and to increase your HP, strength, agility & intelligence. Once upgraded to a certain level, you can also add a secondary hero that increases the primary hero’s stats by 20%. Moreover, you can switch them between the battle whenever needed. 

Craft 200+ Jobs with Powerful Skills

Jobmania   Eternal Dungeon (3)
Jobmania Eternal Dungeon (3)

Jobs are the main elements that provide you with abilities to deal damage to enemies. There are 200+ jobs such as healer, samurai, rogue, mage, shinigami, dual wielder, etc. Each job has multiple abilities. You can craft star-1 jobs using the job materials with the jobless job, And then more powerful star-2 jobs by combining basic jobs with other materials. This way, you can craft up to star-5 jobs having god-level abilities. Show your amazing crafting skills and gather all the highest-level jobs.

MOD Version of Jobmania Eternal Dungeon


Note: Mod only works for Slime Hero. Dont use this in tutorial Mode. Slime enemy get same function as yours so you need to defeat them manually. Tested on LD PLAYER. Damage and defense Link to Enemy too so deactivate when your enemy turn

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Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

How many jobs can I equip simultaneously?

You can equip up to 3 different jobs simultaneously. 

How to use the job’s abilities?

To use the ability of a job, you need to switch your current job with that job. Then your hero will automatically use that ability. 

Final Words

Jobmania Eternal Dungeon is a mind-blowing strategy game. It has not only deck-building but also rogue-lite. Everything you get in the dungeon will be lost if you die. So, death is not an option in this game. Along with it, it has hundreds of heroes, jobs & abilities to try out while fighting the enemies. Its complex, deck-building, combo-creating & tactical gameplay will be a real challenge to master. And there won’t be a single chance of you not liking this game. Get it now and go dungeon-crawling. 

Download Jobmania Eternal Dungeon

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