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Xeno Command
Xeno Command Mod

Xeno Command MOD Apk Download 1.3.8 (Menu, Damage, All Unlocked)


Xeno Command Mod APK lets you choose any hero you like and develop your unique playstyle to fight against 100+ types of enemies. 

App Info of Xeno Command

App Name

Xeno Command


( 1 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Menu, Damage, All Unlocked

About Xeno Command

Xeno Command is a real-time strategy game offered by ChillyRoom. It features 4 unique factions, each one with a unique hero, commands, constructions, units, skills, and tech upgrades. You can choose any hero you like and develop your unique playstyle to fight against 100+ types of enemies. 

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Overview of Xeno Command

Xeno Command MOD APK (1)
Xeno Command MOD APK (1)

Play with 4 Unique Factions

There are 4 unique factions in this game – Ultimate Caption, Fearless Company, Chrono Trooper, and Dr. Ether. You can choose any faction to complete the campaign. Each faction has a unique hero, set of constructions, units/troops, skills, commands, and tech upgrades & skills. So, playing with any faction will give you a unique experience and countless ways to defeat your enemies. 

Xeno Command MOD APK (2)
Xeno Command MOD APK (2)

Once you start a campaign with a faction, you can’t change it midways. At the start of the stage, your hero will be at level 1. So, he won’t have any techs or abilities. You can earn hero XP by exploring the map and killing the enemies. If you collect enough XP, your hero’s level will increase at the stage completion and will let you select one tech upgrade or new ability out of 3 choices. You can level up your hero to 99 levels at max and unlock all his 99 techs & abilities to utilize in the battles. 

Explore 4 Unique Chapters

Xeno Command MOD APK (3)
Xeno Command MOD APK (3)

It includes 4 unique chapters to explore which are Barren Planet, Lave Planet, Machine Planet, and Warped Space. Each chapter has varieties of enemies, items, landscapes, and missions. Barren Planet is full of brain bugs, Lava Planet is an ancient planet having ancient creatures & guardians, Machine Planet is overtaken by AI, and Warped Space has a complex timeline. Will you be able to defeat 100+ types of enemies and complete these chapters?

Real-Time Strategy & Roguelike Gameplay

This game is a combination of RST and Roguelike gameplay. To complete the missions, you will have to develop your strategies in real-time to defeat the incoming enemies. Construct defensive buildings to protect your base and train varieties of units to fight against the enemies. 

Xeno Command MOD APK (4)
Xeno Command MOD APK (4)

Use your hero’s skills to bombard the enemies with missiles or heavy cannons, heal your units or provide them a shield, and command them to attack or retreat. There’s so much you can do on the battlefield. Also, the enemies, missions & landscape will be different each time you replay the stage. So, you will get a unique experience each time you play the game. Nothing will be repeated. This game comes with only the prologue, chapter 1, and one faction. Everything else will be locked and you will need to purchase them with real money.

MOD Version of Xeno Command

The MOD version of Xeno Command has the following features.

God Mode – Using the God Mode makes your units & hero immortal.

Damage Multiplier – You can set the damage multiplier value to up to 100. Then it will increase all units damage by X times where X is the input value.

All Unlocked – Chapters, heroes, and factions are unlocked for free

Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

How many chapters are there in this game?

There are four chapters – Barren Planet, Lava Planet, Machine Planet, and Warped Space. 


Xeno Command has the perfect roguelike elements combinations with the real-time strategy gameplay in 2.5D. And its varieties of factions, troops, techs, and enemies give a diverse playstyle to the players. So, download the game now and enjoy. Have a nice day. 

Download Xeno Command

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