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Stealth Master
Stealth Master MOD APK

Stealth Master MOD Apk Download 1.12.5 (Unlimited Money)


App Info of Stealth Master

App Name

Stealth Master


( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money

About Stealth Master

Hey there, from here, you can download Stealth Master MOD APK (Unlimited Money) which has unlimited money. Stealth Master – Ninja Killer is an action game offered by SayGames. It has more than ten million downloads on the play store. Play as ninja & assassins, take the contracts and kill the targets with deadly weapons.

Stealth Master Features

  • Challenging Levels
  • 7 Awesome Characters
  • Many Deadly Weapons
  • Upgrade Weapons to Unlock Special Powers

Overview of Stealth Master


Stealth Master MOD APK

In this game, you will play as a contract killer. You will take contracts to kill the criminals sitting in their room on the top floors of the building. To reach the main target, you have to clear many floors filled with security guards and cameras. When you clear a floor and use the lift to go to the next floor, you can see the lift display. On it, it shows the full list of floors and your current location. Floors having a shuriken mark let you buy equipment. And on the floors with a dollar mark, you will get a cash bonus. On the other floors, you will face enemies. 


Stealth Master MOD APK

The controls are very simple and you can easily master them. Just drag the finger on the screen to move the character. You can see a bright area in a fan shape around the enemies. That area is the range of their sight in which we can see you if you step into that area. Enemies with snipers have a long sight range and the boss have a very wide range. So stay outside the sight of the enemies, go from behind and kill them.


Stealth Master MOD APK

There are 7 awesome heroes to play as. Be a ninja, killer, or imposter. Each character has multiple unique abilities and a set of weapons. You can upgrade your characters to unlock their abilities. Ninja has the ability to walk without making any noise, Lora Craft can turn off the lasers, Killerman gets more cash on the stages, Shadow can heal his hp on killing enemies. Use Nightbat to automatically turn off the cameras & turrets. Play as any character that suits your playstyle.


Stealth Master MOD APK

There are many types of weapons like AK-47, Uzi, shotgun, katana, pistol, double pistol, RPG, crossbow, etc. At the starting of the mission, you get the choice to select a weapon from 3 awesome weapons. You can also upgrade them for special abilities. Double bullet, bounce bullet to another enemy on hit, double katana, double kunai. Each weapon has a different range. Use a crossbow to kill the enemies from a long-range. You can upgrade the crossbow to break the arrow into three parts that bounce in different directions. A great weapon to kill multiple enemies. 


As you go to higher missions, the security will increase on the floors. Enemies with sniper who are good at shooting from a long-range, enemies with a shield who can take great damage from the front, enemies with armor who will take 2 hits to die, cameras who can sound the alarm, and turrets which will shoot you on sight. There will also be lasers and locked doors.

MOD Features

If you download the Mod Apk of Stealth Master, you get unlimited money. Also, Stealth Master MOD APK has no ads. It means you can play the game without any trouble.

Installation Guide

Follow these simple & easily understandable steps:

  • Download Stealth Master MOD APK from here.
  • Open the Apk file from the file manager.
  • Enable unknown source installation.
  • Tap on the install button.
  • Share it with your friends.

Note: If you find any issue with the download or installation, then feel free and comment below. Thank you.

Download Stealth Master

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