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Subway Princess Runner MOD APK

Subway Princess Runner MOD Apk Download 7.5.9 (Unlimited Money)


App Info of Subway Princess Runner

App Name

Subway Princess Runner


( 3 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money

About Subway Princess Runner

Subway Princess Runner is an arcade endless running game offered by Ivy. It has more than a hundred million downloads on the Play Store. Run on the rail tracks, city roads, or jungle and dodge the oncoming vehicles & obstacles, run as long as you can. 

Overview of Subway Princess Runner


In the Subway Princess Runner game, your character will automatically run on the subway track. There will be 3 lanes. On the way, trains will come, paths will be broken or blocked by obstacles. You have to dodge everything by changing lanes, jumping over obstacles, or rolling down. You can pick coins and power-ups while running. It’s an endless running game but there are also missions you can complete to get coins & EXP. EXP is needed to level up. Leveling up increases your score multiplier. 


Subway Princess has easy controls and requires swiping actions to control your character. Swipe left & right to change the lanes. Swipe down to roll & swipe up to jump. You will also see blue guidelines on the walls on the way. Swipe to the wall’s direction to run on that wall. Double-tap on the screen to activate the hoverboard. 


There are many types of power-ups you will find while running. Each power-up has a unique effect and helps you in various ways. But they last for a limited period of time. You can upgrade them to increase their duration. 

Coin Magnet – Coin Magnet attracts all the coins from all three lanes. So you don’t need to change the lanes to collect them. Just keep running with the magnet.

Jetpack – There is no traffic in the air. Pick up the jetpack and fly in the sky. You will only find coins there. 

Super Sneakers – With the super sneakers, you can jump higher. 

2x Multiplier – During the 2x multiplier power-up duration, you will get a double score. 

Mega Headstart – Mega headstart can only be used at the starting of the running. It skips a lot of distance in seconds and increases your running speed. 

Score Booster – Score booster also can be used only in the starting. It increases your multiplier by 6 for one run. 

Amazing Hoverboards

There are many awesome hoverboards, each with a unique design. You can use the hoverboard anytime you want. Just double-tap on the screen to activate it. During the hoverboard duration, you will be safe even after crashing into trains or obstacles, but only for once. After crashing, the hoverboard will disappear. Buy different types of hoverboards. Some hoverboards also have magnet & 10+ score multipliers. 


Coins and diamonds are the currencies used. Diamonds are rare. You can complete achievements to get diamonds. There are also some chances of getting diamonds in the chests. Coins are used to upgrade power-ups, buy new hoverboards, mega headstart, score boosters, and characters.

Download Subway Princess Runner

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