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Summoners Greed
Summoners Greed Mod

Summoners Greed MOD Apk Download 1.64.4 (Mega Menu, Money, Resources)


Summoners Greed MOD APK lets you will face endless waves of soldiers & heroes that will try to reach the treasure and take it back.

App Info of Summoners Greed

App Name

Summoners Greed


( 1 )





Requires Android



Mega Menu, Money, Resources

About Summoners Greed

Summoners Greed is a role-playing, tower-defense strategy game offered by PIXIO. It has more than ten million downloads on the Play Store with a 4.8 rating out of 5. It features multiple game modes, challenges, and 75+ cute & powerful monsters to defend your base from the king’s forces & heroes. 

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Overview of Summoners Greed: Knight Legend

You will play as a great monster summoner. One day, you enter the king’s treasure room and steal his priceless treasure. When the king knows about it, he sends his endless army of heroes to bring back the treasure. Now, you will have to defend treasure using your summoning magic. 

Summoners Greed MOD APK (1)
Summoners Greed MOD APK (1)


In this game, you will face endless waves of soldiers & heroes that will try to reach the treasure and take it back. They will follow the predefined path to reach there. Along the path, there are 9 towers. You will summon and place monsters on those towers. The monsters will automatically the enemies. 

Summoners Greed MOD APK (2)
Summoners Greed MOD APK (2)

Killing the enemies will give you coins. Use those coins to upgrade your monsters & skills. On clearing a wave for the first time, you will earn a summoning orb that is used to summon monsters. 

With each wave, you will face more and new types of enemies. Some of them will also destroy the stones between towers to open a direct route to the treasure. And in every 10th wave, a special hero with high HP and special abilities will enter the base. He also uses his abilities to affect your monsters. 

Summoners Greed MOD APK (3)
Summoners Greed MOD APK (3)

If an enemy reaches the treasure, you will lose. Then you can either start from the same wave using gems or replay from wave 1. Playing from wave 1 will not affect the monsters’ level and collected gold. However, you will not get any summoning orbs from clearing the waves that you have already cleared in your previous gameplay. 

Summon 75+ Unique Monsters

There are more than 75 different monsters ranging from common, rare & epic to legendary, mythical, special & pirate monsters. Each monster has a unique attack style and special abilities. Some monsters have support skills that increase the damage, attack speed, and other attributes of the adjacent monsters. You can use monsters that enhance each others’ skills & damage. 

Summoners Greed MOD APK (4)
Summoners Greed MOD APK (4)

All monsters are upgradeable. You can upgrade them to increase their attack damage. Summoning the same monster a certain number of times increases its star level which enhances its damage by 100%. You can also evolve them which changes their appearance and also greatly increase their base attributes.

MOD Version of Summoners Greed

The MOD version of Summoners Greed has the following features.

Mod 1 Info:

  • God Mode
  • One Hit Kill
  • Unlocked Skills
  • Skills without CD
  • Unlimited Gold Coins
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Orbs
  • Unlimited Power Stones

Mod 2 Info:

  • Free in-app purchases.

God Mode – Enemies won’t be able to destroy the stones anymore. 

Unlock All Skills – All the player skills will be unlocked and also at max level. 

No Skill CD – All skill cooldown time is reduced to zero. 

Unlimited Coins & Gems – Spend as many coins and gems as you want and upgrade all monsters & player skills, you won’t run out of coins. 


Is this Summoners Greed APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

How to collect Evo gems in this game?

Play the challenge – Summoner Challenge and clear as many waves as you can. Depending on your performance, you will get Evo gems as rewards. 

Download Summoners Greed

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