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Tank Stars MOD Apk Download 2.2.0 (Unlimited Money, Premium Purchased)


App Info of Tank Stars

App Name

Tank Stars


( 1 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money, Premium Purchased

About Tank Stars

Do you need I explosive Battle game? If yes then try Tank Stars which is developed by CASUAL AZUR GAMES. This is a 2D  Pocket Tank game where you can enjoy Epic battles. This game will never let you feel bored because it offers you a lot of modes to enjoy. If you search it on the Google Play Store you will find out that it has won millions of users’ hearts. You should give a try to this.

Key Features of Tank Stars

Realistic Tank Battles

This is a battlefield where on one side you are with your tank and on the other hand, there will be your opponent. There will be one chance for you and then another chance is for your opponent. there will be warfare at your fingertips. You can move your tank forward and backward and the main thing is angle and power. All of these make very realistic Tank Battles on your smartphone. So adjust the angle carefully and hit the head of your opponent to get maximum damage.

Upgrade and Customize Tanks

In the beginning, your tank is very basic. But this game offers you upgradation and customization features. You can earn in-game currency by winning Battles and by buying that money you can improve your tank’s armor, firepower, and other abilities. These customization options allow you to find and tune your tank to its maximum efficiency on the battlefield.

Simple Controls for Explosive Fun 

If you are worried about the controls of this game then keep that out of your mind. Tank Stars comes with very simple and easy-to-use controls. You can navigate your tanks, and take shorts to go to your destination with easy touch controls. The interface of this game is very straightforward no matter if you are a newcomer you can also get and quickly on the screen.

Dynamic Multiplayer Battles

As you already know this game offers you a large variety of modes. So you will get a dynamic multiplayer battle mode where you can enjoy head-to-head battles where strategies and weapons are the key. By playing it with your friends you can turn all the battles into very thrilling competitions against real opponents.

Strategic Gameplay with Unique Weapons

This is not a casual game you need good strategies to compete with your enemies. Not only with strategies you have to choose very good and unique weapons to destroy your opponents. There will be very powerful missiles and unpredictable weapons that you have to project on your opponents. So you have to plan your attacks very wisely and you have to know every weapon before your attacks.

Vibrant and Engaging Graphics

The visual design brings a very eye-catching explosion for Gamers. same here in this game there will be very brand and engaging graphics that you can see on your screen. there will be very beautiful landscapes and dynamic tank moments that you can enjoy. It will bring an extra layer of entertainment while you are enjoying this game.

Different Game Modes for Varied Challenges

The showcase feature of this game is that it comes with a large variety of challenges and different modes. Here you will get on one duel, a chaotic free-for, And you can also enjoy a team-based battle. So whenever you feel bored you can switch to the different modes to enjoy it and for a new fresh look.

Tank Stars MOD APK Features


  • A large number of stones and coins;
  • Training disabled;
  • After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the mod menu, where you can open all tanks (for the mod to work correctly, you must first buy all possible tanks with coins, and then switch this item – you will not be able to improve premium tanks! )


1. Unlimited coins
2. Unlimited gems
3.No ads (Deleted)
4. Skip tutorial (optional)
5.Unlimited tanks unlocked (optional)
6.Current big level of the tank (buggy)
7.Unlock friend mode
8.Unlock tournament mode
9.Unlock online mode
10. God mode for all
11. Big amount of chestia
12. No vibrations
Note:turn on “Skip tutorial” before entering the tutorial

Download Tank Stars

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