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Tanks A Lot!
Tanks A Lot Mod

Tanks A Lot! MOD Apk Download 6.300 (Menu/God Mode, Ammo)


Tanks A Lot MOD APK is a 3v3 PvP Tank Fighting Game for mobile. There are so many game modes are available in this game, Try them out!

App Info of Tanks A Lot!

App Name

Tanks A Lot!


( 1 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Menu/God Mode, Ammo

About Tanks A Lot!

Tanks A Lot is a 3v3 MOBA game offered by Highcore Labs LLC. It has more than ten million downloads on the play store. Go solo or with friends in the matches and frag the opponents’ tanks with your amazing tanks. 

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Overview of Tanks A Lot!

Tanks A Lot 3v3 Battle Arena
Tanks A Lot 3v3 Battle Arena

It is a multiplayer battle arena game. It features 3-minute matches between 3vs3. You will battle against the other players in an arena. Here, you can choose any tank (cannon & base) to play with. You have to frag the opponent’s tanks and achieve the objective in under 3 minutes to win the match. There are many game modes so the objective will be different in all modes. You will get trophies and chests for winning the match. Open the chests for rewards such as cannon cards, base cards, gold, etc.

Game Modes

Tanks A Lot 3v3 Battle Arena 2
Tanks A Lot 3v3 Battle Arena 2

There are so many game modes you can play and have fun with. Maps of these maps keep rotating for a few hours. 

Team Deathmatch

You will enter the match with two teammates and fight against the opponents to get the kills. You have to frag as many tanks as you can. The player will respawn after dying. And the team with the most kills will win the match when time runs out.


In the headhunt, all players of both teams will start with 2 stars on their heads. When you destroy any tank, you will get one star. Killing an opponent with more stars will give your team more stars. The team with the most stars will win the match.

Resource Brawl

Tanks A Lot 3v3 Battle Arena 3
Tanks A Lot 3v3 Battle Arena 3

In this mode, barrels will spawn in the middle of the arena one by one. You have to collect 10 barrels. All the barrels will drop when you are killed. On collecting the 10 barrels, a countdown starts. You have to hold on to the 10 barrels until the countdown hits zero. 

Battle Royale

Ten players can participate in this mode. There will be no teams. All players are alone. Kill the other players and survive till the end to become the winner. There are also bases on the arena. You can break these crates to increase your HP and damage. The zone shrinks over time and reduces the map to force the players to face each other. 

Crazy Football

Tanks A Lot 3v3 Battle Arena 4
Tanks A Lot 3v3 Battle Arena 4

In this game mode, both teams have a net on their side and a football in the middle of the arena. Both teams will try to get the football and score goals by shooting the football in the opponent’s net. To win the match, score more than your opponent. 3 goals are the maximum limit. Score 3 times to win instantly. If both teams have the same score when time runs out, you get one more minute, and also the respawn time reduces. 

Unique Cannons, Bases & Commander

Tanks A Lot 3v3 Battle Arena 5
Tanks A Lot 3v3 Battle Arena 5

There are many cannons and bases to make your unique tank. Every cannon has a unique attack style and ultimate skill. Bases also have unique abilities. You can upgrade the bases to unlock those abilities. Bases give support to the cannon and have a weight capacity & movement speed limit. When you place a cannon heavier than the base’s capacity, the tank’s speed decreases. You can use commanders. Each commander grants special perks to the specific type of tank and also has two abilities.

MOD Version of Tanks A Lot!

The MOD version of Tanks a Lot has the following features.

  • Damage Multiplier
  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Reload

Download Tanks A Lot!

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