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The Walking Dead: Survivors
The Walking Dead Survivors Mod_result

The Walking Dead: Survivors MOD Apk Download 5.17.0 (One Hit, God Mode)


The Walking Dead Survivors MOD APK is an action-packed strategy & base-building game set in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies.

App Info of The Walking Dead: Survivors

App Name

The Walking Dead: Survivors


( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


One Hit, God Mode

About The Walking Dead: Survivors

The Walking Dead: Survivors is a strategy game offered by Galaxy Play Technology Limited. It has more than five million downloads on the Play Store. Set your strategy in action to defend against the horde of zombies, recruit survivors, and upgrade your troops and base defense. You can also attack other players’ bases in the world map and join clans to play with your friends.

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Overview of The Walking Dead: Survivors

The Walking Dead- Survivors MOD APK

The Walking Dead Survivors game is based on the “The Walking Dead” comic. Most of the population is turned into zombies known as the walkers. You are one of the survivors. You have to do everything to survive in the world of walkers. After escaping from the walkers, your bus crashed into a town at the starting of the game. You have to fight against them by placing all three survivors on the defense tower. Then you have to start building your base.

Fix broadcast stations, town hall, scavenger, and other buildings. You can recruit survivors in the broadcast station. Survivors help you by working in the town such as collecting veggies, searching buildings, cutting lumbers, etc. Upgrade your walls to hold the walkers from entering the base. Upgrading the town hall unlocks new locations and buildings. Fix & upgrade your base so it survives in The Walking Dead Survivors.

Defend Your Base

The Walking Dead- Survivors MOD APK

Your base will be attacked by the walkers from time to time. So you have to be ready to fight all the time. You can upgrade the walls, and defense towers, place traps, and upgrade the survivors to unlock their various skills. You can see the countdown on the bottom right side. When it hits 0, walkers will attack. Or you can start the attack immediately. The battle takes place in a card style. You will see the characters’ cards and items. You need the energy to use any card in the battle. Energy refills over time. Place the character on the defense towers and they will auto-attack the walkers.

Train Troops & Attack

The Walking Dead- Survivors MOD APK

You can explore many places and kill all the walkers to unlock new areas and expand your base. You can also attack other players’ bases for resources. But you need troops for these purposes. There are many types of buildings where you can train & heal troops. Build squares. Squares provide a place for your crew and march to any location to attack. Build a house to increase the training speed of troops and capacity. You can train melee fighters in the fire station and ranged troops in the police station. Upgrading these buildings unlocks new types of troops.


The Walking Dead- Survivors MOD APK

Veggies, lumber, and rubies are the main resources used in the game. Rubies are the premium currency. You can use it to buy anything from the shop. These can be used in other resource places too. Veggies are used to recruit survivors. With the lumbers, you can fix and upgrade the buildings. Some buildings require both veggies and lumber for upgrading.

MOD Version of The Walking Dead Survivors

The MOD version of The Walking Dead Survivors has the following features.

God Mode – It will make your character immortal.

One-Hit Kill – You can kill the enemy in a single hit.

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Download The Walking Dead: Survivors

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