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The Wolf
The Wolf Mod_result

The Wolf MOD Apk Download 3.3.0 (Free Shopping, Premium)


The Wolf MOD APK is a role-playing game where you will play as a lone wolf or Alpha and explore realistic 3D environments & other animals.

App Info of The Wolf

App Name

The Wolf


( 9 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Free Shopping, Premium

About The Wolf

The Wolf is a role-playing game offered by Swift Apps LTD. It has more than ten million downloads on the Play Store. Play as a lone wolf or Alpha, explore realistic 3D environments, hunt many kinds of animals, and become the strongest. 

Overview of The Wolf

The Wolf MOD APK

In The Wolf, you will play as a wolf. You can choose a Gray Wolf or a Dhone Wolf when you start the game. Then you will spawn in the forest. There will be many animals and other wolf players. You can join them or go hunting alone. Kill the animals to gain XP and points. Bigger & strong animals give more XP than the smaller ones. But they will be difficult to kill alone. Join a pack and take them down.

On reaching certain levels in The Wolf, new skills & wolves will unlock. With the points, you can increase the wolf’s attributes such as HP, Damage, Defence & Speed. Increasing the attributes also increases your CP which will decide your rank. 


The Wolf MOD APK

The controls are simple in The Wolf. It has a virtual analog on the left side of the screen. Drag it to move your wolf. And on the right side, it has an attack button in the bottom corner, and around it, 4 skill buttons. On the mini-map at the top right corner, it shows the locations of other animals and players. Quest animals are shown as orange dots, other animals as white dots, friendly wolves as green dots, and enemy wolves as red dots. On the bottom middle side of the screen, it has buttons to open attributes, skills & leaderboard windows.


The Wolf MOD APK

There are four types of skills in The Wolf: Basic, Aura, Special & Totems. Each type contains multiple skills. You can equip one skill from each type. You need gems to buy and upgrade the skills. Basic skills are physical attacks in nature. Aura skills give you various buffs for a certain period of time such as increased movement speed, regeneration speed, damage boost, etc. Special skills have area effects and affect all the enemies in a range. 

Game Modes

The Wolf MOD APK


In Co-op mode of The Wolf, there will be no enemies except the animals. All other wolves are real players. You can join them in hunting the prey. Takedown strong animals like lions, tigers, bears, etc. to get more XP and level up faster than going solo. The player who has the highest level will be the Alpha of the team. Alpha can place a summoning portal for other players to join him. 

The Wolf MOD APK


In PVP mode, you can do everything the same as co-op mode. But in it, there will be two teams: red & blue. Each team will have 4 players. They can also attack other teams. You can’t choose a map. You will spawn on a random map. 

The Wolf MOD APK Features

You can make any purchases, even if you don’t have enough money, namely:

  • improving your parameters;
  • buying skins for diamonds;
  • Purchasing premium

Multiplayer doesn’t work in this mod! You cannot play with other players!

Download The Wolf

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