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Traffic Rider
Traffic Rider Mod

Traffic Rider MOD Apk Download 1.98 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Speed)


Traffic Rider MOD APK lets you upgrade your bikes, choose any stage & time and leave all the traffic behind with your riding skills. 

App Info of Traffic Rider

App Name

Traffic Rider


( 58 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Menu, Unlimited Money, Speed

About Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider is now an FPP motorcycle racing game offered by skgames, giving you the best bike riding experience with a first-person view and realistic graphics. To enhance the gaming experience, it features 30+ awesome bikes, bike sounds from real-life bikes and four beautiful locations. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your bike, ride on the highway full of traffic vehicles, show us your biking skills, and pass them by without crashing.

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Overview of Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider (1)

Traffic Rider is a FPP racing game. You will ride a bike on a straight one-way or two-way highway. There will be trucks, cars & vans. You have to avoid crashing into vehicles and the rails. You will get money based on your speed, takeovers, new-miss, off-side riding, etc. When you ride over 100 KM/H and overtake any vehicle, you will get bonus points and a time bonus. Complete missions and score points to increase your level. On reaching new levels, new bikes unlock. 

90+ Missions in Career Mode

It comes with 90+ missions in three different maps. To complete a mission, you need to complete its main objective within the given time. There are many types of objectives such as covering a certain distance, reaching the finish line in time, overtaking a certain number of vehicles, reaching max combo, etc. When you complete the bonus objective too, you will earn a gold coin. 

Ride & Earn Money in Endless Mode, No Restrictions

Traffic Rider (2)

The endless mode is truly endless unless you crash your bike. That will be the end of you. In this mode, there is no time limit or objectives. However, you can earn score and cash based on your distance covered, wheelies performed, number of overtakes, and riding in an opposite-direction lane. You can select every setting except the traffic density. Playing it in the evening and night mode will also give you an extra 15% and 30% cash bonus.

Test How Much You Can Score in 100 Seconds

If you want to test your biking skills, your speed, how far you can go, and how much you can score, then come & play Time Trial. There are no challenges except to cover as much distance and earn as many scores as you can in 100 seconds. You won’t earn a time bonus for overtaking vehicles. However, you will get a score bonus for that. You get the choice of location, time, and one-way/two-way road, but the traffic density will be high. So, be careful or careless, it’s on you. Just get the highest score as you can.

Go on a Free Ride and Relax

Traffic Rider (3)

Free Ride is a completely free mode where you can ride your bike as long as you want. With no time restriction, bike HP, score, speed, or challenge, just ride, enjoy the scenery passing by, and relax. Location, time, traffic density, and road type are choosable. There is no game over in this mode.

Tips to Get a Score & Cash Bonus

Traffic Rider comes with a score leaderboard to position the players. And cahs is the basic in-game currency. So, how can you increase your score and get extra cash? Here’re some tips you can use. When you are riding on a two-way road, then riding in the opposite-direction lane will give you an extra score. 

Overtaking vehicles when riding over 100 Km/h gives you a score bonus (and a time bonus in career mode). Performing wheelies also reward you with a bonus. And last but not least, speed. The faster you ride, the faster your score will increase. Earning cash also depends on these tips just like the score. So, if you earn the score using these ways, you will get the cash too.

Beautiful Locations with Day & Night Variants

Traffic Rider (4)

It has four locations where you can ride – Highway, Desert, City, and Winter. Each location features three-time variations – Noon, Evening, and Night. At each location and time, you get to enjoy different beautiful scenery. For I.e. on the highway in the evening, the sunset is so beautiful & eye-catching, and the surroundings in orange with clouds & trees on both sides, you will love it. Desert features rocky landscapes and clear sky.

Set up Your Controls with 4 Schemes

There are four different control schemes you can choose from to play the game – Tilt, Buttons, Handlebar, and Gamepad. It is compatible with the external gamepad or game controller. If you have a gamepad, you can connect it to your device using Bluetooth or OTG and use the gamepad scheme to play the game with it. The throttle and gears can be set to auto or manual. The choice is yours. Use the one you feel comfortable with.

30+ Super Bikes

Traffic Rider (5)

There are more than 35 bikes you can ride in Traffic Rider. All bikes’ motor sounds are based on real bikes. A bike has three attributes: Power, Handling & Braking. The higher the power, the higher the speed. The handling attribute means how fast you can change direction or steer the bike. You can steer the bikes faster and change direction quickly if the handing attribute is higher. Likewise, the bikes with the higher brake attributes will be decelerated faster. You can compare these attributes to find your best bike. You can also upgrade your bikes to increase these attributes.

MOD Version of Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider MOD has the following features:

  • Unlimited Cash
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Free Upgrade (Free accessory and engine boost)
  • Max Level
  • High-Speed Bonus (Even if you go with 10km the speed bonus continues)
  • Complete All Missions
  • No Ads

Note: You can get unlimited cash/gold by completing missions.

Download Traffic Rider

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