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Zombie Catchers
Zombie Catchers Love To Hunt Mod

Zombie Catchers MOD Apk Download 1.32.9 (Unlimited Money)


Play Zombie Catchers MOD APK to build the best food empire by catching zombies, making juice & varieties of products, and earning money.

App Info of Zombie Catchers

App Name

Zombie Catchers


( 4 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money

About Zombie Catchers

Zombie Catchers – Love the Hunt! Is an action casual game offered by Deca Games. It has more than a hundred million downloads on the Play Store. Catch zombies, make juice & varieties of products, sell them, earn money, upgrade equipment and build the best food empire.

Overview of Zombie Catchers

In Zombie Catcher, there are two intergalactic businessmen, AJ & Bud. They open a food business and start selling juice, shakes & varieties of products made from various types of zombies. As the main ingredient is zombies, you have to capture the zombies. There are many types of zombies and they are found in certain locations. Your drone automatically searches for zombies on the world map. Tap on the drone to start the stage.

Zombies will be hiding in the swarms. You have to use brains to lure them out. They will run away if they watch you. Use equipment like harpoon guns, net guns, traps to catch them. You will also get gold for catching them. You will encounter other creatures like bats, snakes too. If you touch them, you will be stunned for a short duration. Use the captured zombies in the squeezer machines to make products and sell them.


At a level, there are multiple missions like selling X products, upgrading X equipment, etc. When you complete all the available missions on a level, then you can level up. With the level up, new equipment, machines, zombies, map, and upgrades unlock.


The controls are very easy in Zombie Catchers. You can easily learn them. On the bottom left corner, it has left & right arrow keys. Use them to move your character. On the bottom right corner of the screen, it has an up arrow, brain, and fire button. Use the up arrow button to use the jetpack and fly. Tap the fire button to shoot your weapon. Holding this button will increase the shooting power. Tap the brain button to throw the brain.

Increase Your Rank & Earn Rewards

When you capture all the zombies on a stage, you get a token. These tokens are needed to increase your rank in Zombie Catchers hack MOD APK. Collect a certain number of tokens to increase your rank. At higher ranks, you will get awesome rewards such as plutonium and skins. Skins grant you a special boost in certain attributes.

Varieties of Equipment

There are many types of equipment you can use to capture zombies. Harpoon, mines, net gun, jetpack, freezer gun, and many more. You can upgrade all these to increase their attributes like power, range, ammo capacity, etc. Use mines to stop evading zombies, use net guns to capture a group of zombies, and use the jetpack to fly & travel fast.

MOD Features

Zombie Catchers MOD provides unlimited money and plutonium to all its players. Players can easily buy and upgrade their weapons & gadgets with unlimited money. There will be no need to spend time collecting them in this MOD.

Download Zombie Catchers

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