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Zombie Towers
Zombie Towers MOD APK

Zombie Towers MOD Apk Download 13.0.106 (Damage, God Mode, Unlimited Ammo)


Merge & upgrade your towers in the Zombie Tower MOD APK to defend your base from the countless hordes of zombies.

App Info of Zombie Towers

App Name

Zombie Towers






Requires Android

5.0 and up


Damage, God Mode, Unlimited Ammo

About Zombie Towers

Zombie Towers is a casual, defensive strategy game offered by Edenap. It has more than a million downloads on the Play Store with a 3.9 rating out of 5. It comes with simple yet addictive merge-to-upgrade gameplay, hundreds of upgrades for towers, walls, workers & arsenal, 4 different powerups, and various types of zombies with unique abilities. 

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Gameplay of Zombie Towers

Zombie Towers MOD APK (2)
Zombie Towers MOD APK (1)

In this game, you have a base in the middle of the screen. The base contains multiple tower locations, an arsenal in the middle, and a wall surrounding the base to protect it from zombie hordes. Tapping on the tower locations will build the new towers. You can merge the towers of the same level to upgrade them to a higher level. Upgrading them increases the number of guns and ammo storage. 

There will be some workers on the base. They carry the ammo from the arsenal to the towers and fill the ammo in the towers’ guns. They do that throughout the game. When you start a wave, zombie hordes will attack the base. Your towers will automatically shoot down the zombies, and the workers will fill the ammo. You will earn gold for killing the zombies and a gem for clearing the wave. 

Zombie Towers MOD APK (3)
Zombie Towers MOD APK (2)

Use the gems & gold to upgrade the towers’ range & damage, number of workers, speed & ammo-carrying capacity in the arsenal. As you proceed to higher waves, the number of zombies will increase a lot. You will start facing thousands of zombies. So, you will need to upgrade everything with time. If the zombies break the walls of your base, you will lose and have to try again. 

Use 4 Different Powerups

It has four different power-ups you can use against zombie hordes. There are EMP, Nuke The Zombie, Battle Drums, and Tower Frenzy. EMP emits a strong electric shockwave throughout the map and paralyzes all the zombies. Nuke the Zombies power-up drops down the bombs on the zombie hordes blowing them up.

Zombie Towers MOD APK (4)
Zombie Towers MOD APK (3)

The battle drums boost all the towers and increase their damage by 3 times. And the tower frenzy increases the accuracy of all the towers which results in all headshots. The power-ups stay in effect for a short duration and have a cooldown period. You can increase their active time by upgrading them.

Four Types of Zombies

Zombie Towers MOD APK (1)
Zombie Towers MOD APK (4)

You will face four types of zombies in this game. Each type has unique abilities. There are normal zombies, crawlers, big papa zombies, and boss zombies. The headshot chance against the crawlers drops a lot. So, it’s hard to deal bonus damage against them. Big papa zombies have high HP and deal great damage to walls. The boss zombies are the biggest and are immune to power-ups. EMP and nukes deal no damage to them. 

MOD Version of Zombie Towers

MOD Version of Zombie Towers has the following features.

[ Player Menu ]
  • Godmode
  • One Shot Kill
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Max Range
  • Max Targets
  • Rapid Fire
  • Free Gem Purchases
  • Free Gold Purchases
  • Gems Increase When Buy
  • Gold Increase When Buy

Unlimited Gems & gold

Gems and gold are required to upgrade the towers, workers, and power-ups in this game. But you get only one gem on clearing a zombie wave. So, you are not gonna upgrade everything easily. Therefore, you are getting unlimited gems & gold to upgrade everything to the max level with ease. 

God Mode

Here, God mode applies to the walls. It makes all the walls unbreakable. No matter how much damage zombies deal to the walls, the walls’ HP will not decrease. You will have an impenetrable base with this MOD. 

Damage Multiplier

At higher waves, zombies’ HP increases a lot and it takes a lot of time to kill them. Here, you can use the damage multiplier and enter up to 9999 value in it. It will increase all towers’ damage by X times of normal damage where X is the entered number.

Unlimited Ammo

What will the damage multiplier do if your guns don’t have ammo? Each tower needs ammo to shoot the zombies. And the rate of shooting guns is more than the rate of filling ammo. So, after a time, towers will be inactive and wait for the ammo. During that time, zombies can break the wall. Here, you can toggle the Unlimited Ammo feature. When activated, all towers will have unlimited ammo.

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Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

How many power-ups does this game have?

It has four power-ups – EMP, Nukes, Battle Drums, and Tower Frenzy. 


Thanks for visiting. Zombie Towers is a fantastic game with cartoon-style animations and merge-to-upgrade gameplay. Killing the zombie hordes will be so much fun with different power-ups like EMP, Nuke, etc., and boosters to increase power & accuracy. Decide your strategy to kill all the enemies.

Download Zombie Towers

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