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Alien Invasion (5)
Alien Invasion

Alien Invasion MOD Apk Download 3.0.48 (Unlimited Resources, Premium)


Play Alien Invasion MOD APK to control the alien and devour all the human that come your way to upgrade & evolve the alien.

App Info of Alien Invasion

App Name

Alien Invasion


( 3 )




Role Playing

Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Resources, Premium

About Alien Invasion

Alien Invasion is an idle RPG game offered by MULTICAST GAMES in which an alien has invaded the Earth. It looks just like the spider-looking alien with tens of black tentacles from the Venom movie. It doesn’t know anything except eating. Its hunger is out of the world and no matter how much it eats, it will look for more. And what does it eat? People. Yes, it eats people. However, you will not stop it from doing so. On the contrary, you will play as that alien and devour as many people as you can to upgrade it & evolve it. 

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Devour People & Upgrade the Alien

Alien Invasion (1)

Your main objective is just to eat people, upgrade the alien, and enjoy the game. On the map, you will many people roaming around. Just drag your finger to move your alien toward the people. Once the people are within the alien’s range, it will automatically attack them with its tentacles, and catch them after a certain period. 

You can catch a certain number of people. After that, you need to go to your base to devour them. Then, you can use that meat to upgrade the alien’s attribute stats such as catching speeding, capacity, catching tentacles, movement speed, catching radius, HP, etc. 

At later stages, various types of people will spawn the map. You will get various types of DNA and eggs on devouring them. While catching the people, it shows the amount of meat and type of resources you will get. 

Collect Eggs to Upgrade & Evolve Your Alient in Black Market

Alien Invasion (2)

From time to time, flying people and people with blue bags on their backs will spawn on the map. Eating them will grant your eggs. You can use the eggs at the Black Markey to upgrade the alien and unlock new attributes like defense, human cost, slow effect on people, etc. Completing a certain number of upgrades will evolve the alien, greatly increase its one attribute, and unlock new upgrades & skills. 

Buy Bot Aliens for Catching & Delivering More People

After reaching level 4, you can buy bot aliens that will automatically catch the people from lower levels. So, you can focus on the upper levels. And to eliminate the need of going back to the base, delivery bots are also available. It will automatically collect cargo from you no matter how far you are and deliver it to the base. Also, you can upgrade them to increase their catching speed, capacity, and delivery speed. 

Build the Rocket & Explore New Biomes

Alien Invasion (3)

Not getting enough resources in the current biome? Then build the rocket, fly to new biomes, and devour new civilizations. You will find four modules of the rocket. You need to build every module. Each module will require you to complete some quests like capturing satellites and collecting blueprints. Also, completing each quest grants you XP. Once all modules are built, you can explore new biomes.

Fight The Bosses

Alien Invasion (4)

To complete the module, you will need blueprints from the astronauts. The astronauts are boss-like characters that have huge sizes, high HP, and deal massive damage. Their movement speed is also very high so it’s difficult to escape from them if they initiate an attack. However, once they land the strike on you, they will move back and won’t attack for a few seconds. You can use it to your advantage. Lure them to the base by taunting them. Once you come near the base, capture some people and deploy them on the base. It will recover your HP and then you can start devouring the boss.

MOD Features of Alien Invasion

  • Unlimited Resources
  • Premium
  • No Ads

Download Alien Invasion

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