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Bad Piggies HD
Bad piggies mod apk

Bad Piggies HD MOD Apk Download 2.4.3348 (Unlimited Coins, Resources, Boosters)


Play Bad Piggies HD MOD APK and help the piggies to get the eggs by building transports and collecting all the map pieces.

App Info of Bad Piggies HD

App Name

Bad Piggies HD


( 10 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Coins, Resources, Boosters

About Bad Piggies HD

Bad Piggies HD is a puzzle game offered by Rovio Entertainment Corporation. It has more than fifty million downloads on the Play Store. Show your creativity and help the piggies to get those eggs now in this game. It features 200+ challenging levels, 9 maps, 9 sandbox levels, and 50+ gadgets & objects to create your unique vehicle to get the eggs.

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Gameplay of Bad Piggies HD

Bad Piggies mod apk

Piggies make a plan and map to get the eggs. But every time due to some accidents, the map tears into pieces and is blown to various places. And they are not so good creators. Help them in creating transport machines to get those map pieces and eggs. At each level, you have to build a transport from the given objects and gadgets. When done building the transport, start it and get the piggie to the map piece with it. You can get 3 stars on each level. Zoom out the map or tap on the magnifier icon in the top right corner to see the condition for each star. 


Bad Piggies mod apk

It has very simple controls. You will see some blocks on which you can place any object or gadget. You can use any object outside the blocks. Drag the parts and gadgets into these blocks and build the transport. Placing the piggie is important. You can pinch the screen in or use the magnifier icon on the top right corner to zoom out the map and see the star’s conditions. Tap the ✔ button. You can see the buttons to start the gadgets or machines like rockets, motor, pump, etc on the bottom of the screen. 


Bad Piggies mod apk

There are 9 Sandbox stages in the Bad Piggies HD. Sandbox stages have a huge map and stars are located at various positions, difficult to collect with just one kind of transport. Build your transport to collect all of the stars. If one transport fails to collect any star, then build another one. Collected stars will not reset on building new transport. Also, all the gadgets related to all chapter are available to use in the sandbox levels of the same chapter.

Cake Race Mode

Bad Piggies mod apk

Cake race mode is a multiplayer mode where you will compete against other players. You have to get to the end of the level to collect the cake with the given objects & gadgets. The winner will be decided by the number of stars collected and the time is taken. 


Bad Piggies mod apk

There are 5 power-ups in the game: Turbo Charge, Super Magnet, Super Glue, Super Mechanic, and Night Vision. Each power-up provides great support to complete the level. Turbocharge doubles the power of your engine. Use the super magnet to attract the star boxes & desserts. With the Superglue, your transport will not break into parts. If you are stuck at any level, then you can use the Super mechanic. It will automatically create a transport that can get all 3 stars. Night vision is used to see in the dark levels.


Snout Coins & Nuts are the resources used in the game. With the snout coins, you can buy loot crates, nuts, and power-ups. You can also use them to unlock the sandbox stages and parts in the road hog stage. Use the Nuts in the machine to unlock new skins of gadgets and objects. There are also desserts that you can collect in the levels. Feed the desserts to the Piggie King to get rewards like snout coins, nuts, and power-ups.

MOD Version of Bad Piggies HD

The MOD version of Bad Piggies HD has the following features.

Unlimited Everything – It has unlimited coins and nuts in it. With the unlimited coins, you can easily buy loot crates, nuts & power-ups and unlock sandbox stages. It will save you a lot of time.

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Download Bad Piggies HD

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