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Battle Legion
Battle Legion - Mass Battler

Battle Legion MOD Apk Download 3.2.5 (Menu/Damage, God Mode)


App Info of Battle Legion

App Name

Battle Legion


( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Menu/Damage, God Mode

About Battle Legion

Hey there, from here, you can download Battle Legion MOD APK which has damage multiplier and God mode. Battle Legion – Mass Battler is a simulation game offered by Traplight Ltd. It has more than a million downloads on the Play Store. Create your team with verities of units, upgrade them to make them stronger, deploy them in your unique formation, battle with real players from around the world and defeat them to reach higher ranks & climb up the leaderboard.

Overview of Battle Legion – Mass Battler

Battle Legion - Mass Battler

Battle Legion MOD is a strategy PvP multiplayer game. In it, the screen will be divided into two parts. On the left side, you can place your units and on the right side, your gold mine, elixir brewer & chests are stored. You have to come up with a unit formation to defeat the opponents.

You can place any unit anywhere on the left side. So, there’s no restriction on the left side as long as the unit size doesn’t exceed the limit. Scroll the left side to search for the opponent. When an opponent is found, all the units will automatically fight. You will win by defeating all the opponent’s units.

Battle Legion - Mass Battler

On winning the battle in Battle Legion Mass Battler MOD APK, you will get gold & trophies. On collecting certain trophies, you will get a chest in which you can get gold, units’ shards, or gems, and also be promoted to new ranks. Upgrade your units, make your unique formation and defeat all the opponents to reach higher ranks. On reaching new ranks, your unit size capacity will also increase and you can deploy even more units on the battlefield.

60 Types of Units

Battle Legion - Mass Battler

Battle Legion APK MOD includes 60 different types of units. Order, Nature, Chaos, and Construct are the factions you will find. Assassins, Thorn Guards, Mindshrooms, Arcane Blades, Wraiths, Druid, Dire Wolves, Spirit Panthers, Frost Knights, and many more. Each unit comes with a unique attack style, strengths, weaknesses & immunities. This way, you will have countless possibilities to create a unique formation. You can upgrade them to increase their HP & attack damage.

On upgrading to levels 20, 50 & 100, you can equip them with 3 power stones. There are two types of power stones – Offensive & Defensive. Offensive power stones increase your damage and defensive power stones diminish all the taken damage by X%. Power stones will remain in effect till the end of the season. After that, they will disappear and you have to equip new power stones.

MOD Features

With the Battle Legion MOD APK Unlimited Money, you can buy as many units as you want and upgrade them to the max level without facing any problems. You can buy anything from the shop too.

MOD Menu – To win the powerful opponents, you have to upgrade your units and place units in a better formation. Or you will lose. To help you in that matter, we have added a MOD menu in this APK. When you open the game, you will see a floating button in the upper left corner. Tap it to open. In it, you will find the MOD features – Damage Multiplier & God Mode. You can activate & deactivate them whenever you need them. With the God mode on, your units will be invincible and will not die no matter how much damage they receive. And when you activate the damage multiplier, the damage of your units will be multiplied by X times. You can give any value to this X. 


Thank you very much for reading this post. Battle Legion MOD APK is a challenging tactic game. It includes 60 different types of units that give you countless possible formations to come up with. And you don’t have to worry about upgrading the units. Just activate the God mode & damage multiplier. It will make your units much stronger than the opponents’ units. Isn’t that amazing? Get the MOD now and enjoy. Have a nice day!

Download Battle Legion

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