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BitLife MOD Apk Download 3.7.13 (Menu/Bitizenship, God Mode)


BitLife MOD APK lets you live a new life where you will born as a baby and you will make choices throughout your life until you are gone.

App Info of BitLife

App Name



( 35 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Menu/Bitizenship, God Mode

About BitLife

BitLife is a life simulation game offered by Candywriter, LLC. It has more than ten million downloads on the play store. Wanna become a doctor, teacher, professor, smuggler, or navy officer, or do you have other plans to make in your life? Play Bitlife and make every choice of your life and see how it goes.

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Overview of BitLife – Life Simulator

In BitLife, you will start as a child and grow old to death, making every choice in your life. Your full life is at your fingertip. Do as you like in it. Complete elementary school & high school, then it’s on you if you wanna study more, get a job or do nothing. You will meet others who wanna be your friends. Befriend them or reject them, your choice.


You can increase your age by one year and see the consequences of the choices you made. There are 4 stats of you: Happiness, health, smarts, and looks. When your happiness status goes to 0%, you will go into depression. You will die when your health reaches 0. You will have anxiety if your smarts stats decrease. So keep these stats at a high level if possible to live longer.



As you grow up, many new relationships will build with you and other characters like siblings, friends, best friends, girlfriends, parents, children, grandchildren, etc. To keep your relationship good with them, you need to interact with them from time to time or your relationship status will go down and it will result in the breaking up of that relationship, especially friends, best friends, and girlfriends. In the relation tab, you can see a full list of all the characters who are related to you. You can choose to give them gifts, make conversation, compliment them, spend time, go to parties, insult them and so many other choices you can make. It can affect your relationships in both ways positively and negatively.



In the assets tab, you can check your financial status. You can go shopping and buy new cars, jewelry, houses, cottages, villas, planes, boats, etc. You can then give it to someone as a gift. When it gets older, then you can repair the vehicle, schedule maintenance, sell it or scrap it. For each item, there are separate choices. Selling and giving as gifts are common choices for all the items. 


In the activities tab, you can choose to find someone for a night, work on self-improvement, get a pet, go to a salon or commit a crime like murder, theft, bank robbery, train robbery, etc. You can go on vacation, to see a movie, or club to enjoy some time. There are hundreds of choices to make of all kinds from good ones to bad ones. 


Wanna work and earn money? Then go into the occupation tab. There are so many options. Join a police department, military, hospital, bank, app developer, travel agency, or corporation, or become a musician or professional athlete. From half-time jobs to full-time jobs, every kind of job is there. But take care of one thing and that is work hours. When you work for long hours, the stress level increases which can cause illness, high blood pressure, etc. So keep a balance in your life to live longer.

MOD Version of Bitlife

The MOD version of Bitlife has the following features.

Free Bitizenship: It is unlocked for free.

God Mode: You will not die in the game.

Download BitLife

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