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Episode - Choose Your Story MOD Apk Download 25.10 (Free Premium Choices)


Episode MOD APK is a simulation game featuring 10,000 interactive stories where you can change your fate by making impactful choices.

App Info of Episode - Choose Your Story

App Name

Episode - Choose Your Story


( 1447 )





Requires Android



Free Premium Choices

About Episode - Choose Your Story

Episode – Choose Your Story is an interactive story game offered by Episode Interactive where you can control your character’s decisions and lead her the way you want to reach the desired ending. Episode features 10,000 interactive & engaging stories with different genres, plots, twists, choices, and endings. Love, adventure, romance, drama, fantasy, & comedy, live your stories through episodes & choices, and see where your choices will take you and what your future awaits.

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Choose from 10,000 Interesting Stories

episode mod apk

Another feature apart from the interactive stories that make Episode a successful hit is the collection of stories. More than ten thousand stories are available and ready to be read. Some stories will bring you tears, some will leave you utterly heartbroken, some will make you feel happy, and some will keep you totally hooked up to the story with the curiosity to know what will happen next. 

episode mod apk

Plots from Reality-shows hosting singles looking for love or fun to Prince-charming looking for his Princess, from Mafia Boss falling in love with a girl to a Tuber Girl who is an empath, there are all types of plots & genres to explore and engage in. 

Popular Titles You Must Read & Play in Episode

Many stories have been hit in Episode since its release that we love to read & play. And we’re sure you will love them too. Below, we have shared a list of the top 10 Episode stories. 

  • Dripping Mascara by Genvieve M.
  • Dumb Blondes
  • Don’t Hate The Player by E R Gurney
  • The Devine by Girly
  • And They Were Roommates by Lucillia Lourve
  • Chain Reaction
  • Toothbrush by Lucas
  • The Triangle by Birdy
  • Insomnia by Cairtoriri
  • Galactic Game by Lucas

Create Your Stories and Share with Episode Community

Join the Community

Not all stories on the Episode are written by Episode’s official writers. Most of them are written by a community full of players like you. And you can do the same. You can write your story and share it on the Episode platform and with the community. So, if you have an interesting story, don’t keep it to yourself. Share it with everyone. Maybe it will get popular and get millions of reads, who knows? 

Customize Your Character

Not only will you read the story, you will play it and interact with the other characters through your character & her choices. So, as you gonna play as her, why stick to the default look? Customize her look & style as you like. Everything from hair to skin tone, body type to face shape is customizable, and it gives you many options. 

episode mod apk

Short hair, mid-length hair, long hair, or natural & protective hair, each type has multiple styles. Afro, Bantu Knots, Blunt Bangs, Braided, Curly, Locs, Bouffant Long Wavy, Double Bun Half Down Hair, Twists, Braided Afro Bun, which hairstyle do you like your character to have? Don’t like the hair color? Change it to dark colors like warm brown, light brown, or chestnut brown; light colors like platinum blonde, strawberry blonde, or honey blonde; or dye your hair. 

Make the Choices and Lead the Story

episode mod apk

Whenever it’s your character’s turn to say the dialogue, the game gives you multiple choices. Each choice has a different impact on your character’s fate and will lead the story toward a different ending. It can be worse or better. Some can lead to misunderstanding between you & your love interest while some can deepen your relationship with him. It can also have some effects on other characters that are indirectly involved either with you or your love interest. Jealously can lead to many unexpected turn of events. You never know what will happen in the war of love, especially when it’s a love triangle. 

Don’t Hate The Player

Create Your Own Stories

It’s the very first interactive story you play in the game. It features a reality show where seven girls and seven boys enter the show hoping to find the love of their life. You are one of them. You can choose your love interest and decide to couple up with him. But, the twist is here. Not all seven boys are looking for love. Some of them are there just for fun and to play with girls’ feelings. What if the one you chose is one of the players? Or not. Play the game and reach the ensign with your choices to see what your future holds – a life partner or a player. 

Download Episode - Choose Your Story

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    • It’s better if you don’t connect your Facebook account or any official account with a modified version of game. Mods are just for fun. And, Episode 14.80 version update will take time on the mod game. The thing is that some mods get regular update while some doesn’t.
      Edit: Episode Version 14.80 is available now, enjoy!

    • Hey sorry but.. I don’t know why you facing this problem.. Are you using PC?
      Because I can’t download from PC but downloading files working 100% with mobile devices.

  1. I really love this mod but it doesn’t have the unlimited passes that the description says. Can you please add some unlimited passes? Thank you admin 🙂

  2. So there hasn’t been an update lately..im looking for version 22.30 but I just can’t find it anywhere and your mod is also not updated..


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